Bristol Palin on Celebrity Wife Swap: First Look!

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Bristol Palin is coming to ABC's Celebrity Wife Swap. Seriously.

With her sister, Willow, and Joan and Melissa Rivers, no less.

Number of wives actually being swapped up in here? Zero.

Whatever. Check out the promo for their episode below:

The premise of this epically terrible reality television "event"?

When Melissa Rivers comes to Wasilla, Alaska, she's surprised to see snow on the ground in May, and even more shocked by how toddler Tripp runs the show.

Stepping into Melissa's shoes in L.A., Bristol Palin is equally unprepared for the Rivers' formality and schedule, and is reluctant to fill on Fashion Police.

The only question: Is this the new low water mark for reality TV?


Gag me with a spoon. Sad to see that Joan has stooped this low. That kid is 5 years old and he's still called a toddler?? Yeah, riiiiight, Bristol slept with only one boy? LOLOLOLOL!!! She lived with Gino too & they were supposed to have a reality show based on their "trial marriage". That flopped too. Just one of her many baby daddy's.


Alaska is not boring! And Bristol looks like she wants to cry. I feel for her. The girl sleeps with one guy in high school and losers deem her easy, while guys act like aholes with addictions, and they're cool. Double standard. I was a virgin throughout high school and there were people who insinuated I was easy. Our culture needs to change. Though honestly, if she weren't tough, she'd be home working her normal job and wouldnt take these couple of opportunities.


Alaska is really boring, folks!!

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