Bill Clinton Named Father of the Year, Presented Award By Chelsea

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Former President of the United States Bill Clinton was honored as Father of the Year at a New York fundraiser on behalf of Save the Children on Tuesday.

Appropriately, his only child, daughter Chelsea Clinton, presented the award, which is given out annually by the National Father's Day Committee.

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"Every day he's my dad, and I don't need an award to tell me he's the best that I ever could have hoped for," said Chelsea, 33, according to Parade.

"But I'm eternally grateful he's getting the recognition that I, of course, his unapologetically biased daughter, think he's always deserved."

The former commander-in-chief added that, despite the many important positions he’s held in his lifetime, his role as a father has always come first.

“During the sole argument we had when [Chelsea] was in high school, the subject of which I don’t even remember," he recalled. "I looked at her."

"I said, ‘As long as you’re in this house, being president is my second most important job.’”

He recalled Chelsea's birth story and how he fought to remain by Hillary Clinton's side during surgery, latering helped steer hospital policy on the matter.

The 42nd President called that one of his finest moments as a public official.

Clinton concluded by saying that there are “a million people who are equally or more deserving” than he is of the Father of the Year honor.

“But you could never have picked anyone happier [for the award], because seeing my daughter still makes me happier than anything else in the world."

Aww. Now that's a sentiment all dads out there could or should share.

As Clinton said, there are so many worthy candidates for the honor. Who else do you think would have made a strong Father of the Year candidate?

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