Amanda Bynes Says Drake Has Down Syndrome, Quickly Deletes Tweet

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Amanda Bynes' Twitter rhetoric just got much uglier than her ugly list.

The troubled star wrote a series of Tweets Tuesday afternoon that she quickly deleted, but not before their offensive content spread like wildfire online.

Bynes' target? None other than sometime celebrity crush Drake.

Amanda Bynes Self-Portrait
Drake GQ Cover

Regarding the rapper's GQ cover, Amanda said that the magazine “airbrushed @drake to make his eyes look like he doesn’t have down syndrome!”

Mmmyeah. She then went on to say that despite her professions of love for the man, he "looks like sh*t both ways! I don’t like him so stop thinking I do!”

You said you wanted him to murder your vagina, girl. Your words.

Bynes has waffled on her feelings for Drake of late, but apologized for earlier insults and seemed to be a pretty big fan of the GQ spread until now.

You know who doesn't look like sh*t in Amanda's eyes? Amanda herself. She just can't wait to show all of you the video of Amanda Bynes' nose job.

Seriously. She had unnecessary plastic surgery for what she is calling a "birth defect" of "webbing" between her eyes and has a video of it she promises to post.

She looks fabulous and is a survivor and a hero. Again, her words.


this really is something i have never ever study.very detailed analysis.


What the hell does white have to do w/ anything, face it she's a straight idiot ! She doesn't know jack about anything, she proves it every time she opens her mouth !


can't accuse her: SOME PEOPLE JUST HAVE IT ALL!!


This is for a w female your the embarrassment. I didn't know that color even mattered.. so what bout all black and Mexican females who have acted a fool.. so sad...

@ youmakemesick4real

Ohhhh ok! I get it now/ you have answered my question! So it is true. If others can act like a slut trash among other things then a White W should also be allowed to lower her standards as well! Ahhh yes- the beauty of this new America! How low can you go!


Coming from a W Man is it no wonder why people have such a bad opinion of White Women. They are an embarrassment .


This girl is OBVIOUSLY biPolar! She goes nuts in her manic phase & then comes down & is like .. who wrote that? Someone broke into my twitter! .. Yeah, we all know she's a major mental case and may be even more than just un-treated biPolar! Maybe she's schizo too??? Acts like it!


Her lawyer says she's fine. Wonder if he says the same thing when she blows through her money. Sorry but that's enabling not helping.


Wtf is wrong with this girl. She should look in the mirror cause she was pretty now shes getting uglier day by day.

@ amanda

Nothing, she had a little help for an apparent birth defect... I'm sure she will be just beautiful when she shares her new look.

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