Amanda Bynes Bashes Drake as "Gay, Fugly"

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Good news, undercarriage of Amanda Bynes: You are no longer in danger!

Just weeks after saying she wants Drake to murder her vagina - in a really good way, that is - the screwed up celebrity has now backed track in the complete opposite direction.

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”Drake has the ugliest smile, ugly gums uneven teeth ugly eyes," she wrote in a Tweet that was later deleted, although not because she changed her mind.

Bynes later addressed Perez Hilton, who she wants to see kill himself, and wrote that Drake has a “fugly face."

She added: “He’s gay and ugly I want a hot straight man!”

She's clearly well on her way to landing one. Good luck, Amanda!

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Hey, I know one unruly, insane person who she also call "fugly": Amanda Bynes.


She's pretty but nutty.


she is ugly toooo!!! ha ha!


man!i hated drake the moment i saw him...HE IS UUUUGLY!!
y the hell was she with HIM?! if he was soo ugly????


Playboy has offered her some type of a job and she should take it to keep herself busy since Amanda won't go get the help she needs


Ppl that are mentally ill LOSE their filter entirely! I wish she could see how far she has fallen!
She might have "lost it" over drugs or just too much pressure/stress to be this perfect person, EITHER WAY she has LOST IT! Does it matter HOW someone dies once they are gone? To some, I suppose it might but BOTTOM LINE: that person is GONE! I do NOT want to see this happen to her! GO GET HELP NOW A.B.!!


Drake prolly denied her so she is acting out lol whatever she's the fugly one, she's even uglier now that she ain't funny anymore. Oh please someone get this girl into therapy and out of the media. She's a joke and so are her tweets, but it's so fun to watch her fall apart. Good luck Amanda, if your gonna do plastic surgery, fix your entire face. After all that's who gets the movie rolls and tv roles, beautiful actresses with nice personalities.


This is just sad the girl needs help she's become the female Charlie Sheen she used 2B SO CUTE & SWEET wake up people drugs R destroyers!


This is just sad the giril needs help she's become the female Charlie Sheen she used 2B SO CUTE & SWEET wake up people drugs R destroyers!


oMG this poor girl has no filter. Now she is sounding like a terrorist. as long as site like this are publishing every one of her sound bites she will never stop.

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