Whites-Only Scholarship Causes Outrage, Spurs Debate at BU

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The Boston University College Republicans' news whites-only scholarship has sparked national attention, debate, and in some cases outrage.

The group's president admits his goal in establishing a $250 Caucasian Achievement and Recognition Scholarship was to kick the proverbial hornets' nest.

Mission accomplished, and then some.

Whites Only Debate

"To tell you the truth, we didn't see this coming," Joe Mroszczyk said. "The Drudge Report picked it up yesterday, and today I just finished a round of national interviews."

"It's kind of overwhelming."

Applicants for the group's award must have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher; must write two essays; and must be at least one-quarter Caucasian.

The application offers an explanation: "We believe that racial preferences in all their forms are perhaps the worst form of bigotry confronting America today."

According to Mroszczyk, his group is offering the scholarship merely to point out "how ridiculous it is to have any sort of racially based scholarship."

At BU, for example, he notes that students who are at least one-quarter Hispanic can apply for a National Hispanic Recognition Scholarship.

"There are poor, white, academically gifted students who need that money just as much," Mroszczyk said, noting that he got the idea from a nearby college.

Two years ago a chapter of the College Republicans at Roger Williams University also offered a $250 whites-only scholarship, he points out.

"We are not doing this as any kind of white supremacy thing. Not at all. I just want to have a dialogue about racial preference," Mroszczyk said.

It seems as if Mroszczyk has gotten his wish.

People from across the country are now weighing in on the idea through e-mail and the radio - and his fellow BU students are having their say too.

"It's a poor way to talk about affirmative action," said David Coreas, the 21-year-old senior who is president of the Latino fraternity Phi Iota Alpha at BU.

"If they want to have a scholarship, then let them have a scholarship, but they're stirring up controversy in the wrong way. We have to look at the situation honestly."

"Caucasians tend to have a higher per capita income than Latinos and other minorities," Coreas notes. "We have to have scholarships to survive."

Coreas said he would welcome an honest dialogue about race and affirmative action, while Mroszczyk admits even some of his friends are at a loss.

"They said I can't believe you're doing this," he said.

And for all the talk, there are still no takers for the scholarship. The application has been available since November 7, and so far not one student has filled it out.

Coreas, for one, says he would try to apply for it, if only he were eligible.

"I wish I could: That $250 could help me pay for textbooks," he said.

Should any scholarships be decided based on race?

Tiffany corkern

"Caucasians tend to have a higher per capita income than Latinos and other minorities," Coreas notes. "We have to have scholarships to survive." ------------- Are you freaking kidding me?!? #1, they're bitching about a "whites only" scholarship in which you don't even have to be totally white to get, just 1/4, #2, giving scholarships based on ANY kind of race is stupid. But, don't give me this BS that "we have to have scholarships to survive". It's no wonder hispanic people and black people have a hard time getting ahead in America, look what their community leaders keep preaching at them all the time! "you're treated unfairly, you're disadvantaged, you need special help, you can't do anything on your own, the government will do that for you", on and on and on... We keep being told not to do everything for our children or they will grow up with an entitlement mentality, that everyone should cater to them, yet we're allowing the adults in our society to be treated that way! It's all poor, entitlement mentality bullcrap that's constantly pushed by minority community leaders so they can attain public office and obtain public money. Whether you're black, hispanic, white, or whatever... take the energy you put into trying to get help from someone else (be it government, church, etc) and put that into figuring out how to make more money and you'll do 100x better than any of your peers could ever think about. Why? Rich people focus on making money. Think like a rich person, not a poor-pitiful-me person.


there are so many scholarships involving race why is having a scholorship for whites a big deal. Its just like people of color calling us "crackers" or something like that. But the moment we say anything about there race were the racist ones. I don't get it are they not just as racist for calling us names.

@ Kaitlyn

whites started racism so you calling us out of our names is racist and i dont know any black person or hispanics that calls a white person cracker do you?and have you ever been called a cracker i think not but any way whites have they white only scholarships but they play it off as regular ones and just don't offfer it to blacks and Hispanics yall sneaky


I think they should do away with ALL scholarships based on race. That includes the ones set in place by the NAACP. Affirmative action is bullsh*t. We shouldn't be paying for mistakes made YEARS ago. Let's live in the here and now for once. Not the past. If a student of ANY race does well in school and doesn't have money for college, they should ALL have an EQUAL shot at scholarship funds and for an EQUAL amount. Everyone's talking "Equality", start there. End of story.


I have put in place scholarships for both deserving students of any race, and 1 black scholarship (1st generation college). Scholarships are, for the most part, now colorblind.
Having worked in the public school system for almost 30 years, and working with primarily minority students, there is A LOT of money out there for those who care to apply.
I set up my little minority scholarship to motivate some of my students because their families were unable or unwilling to assist their children in their quest for higher education.
And, BTW, I'm white.
Awaiting the onslaught of conservatives to slam me but guess what? I don't care.
ALL of these students are out next generation and out best hope for a successful future for our grandchildren.


Well I am not white I am considered Native American however this didn't come across racist to me ever race other has a scholarship program however I do believe a scholarship should have NOTHING to do with anyone's race it should be given to any good student with a bright future who's family can't afford college without race being a factor but it is so let the white kids have there's to he's right there is bright white kids who have a future and there families need help with college not all white ppl are rich gosh!! This is so stupid


What's the big deal every other race has a scholar dedicated just to them but white people can't. Kind of a contradiction quit making it all about race.


Isnt there black only scholarship out there... Why is it ok for them but not whites.

@ Lids

because thats racist blacks dont get as much stuff as yall and race racism constantly so there are colleges set up and scholarships because we need them




Ah. Errr.... you are educated? You are an attorney?
Somehow I doubt that.
Let' see: Jeews an niggers...a few too many typos there for an educated human being. Assuming a lot there...the human part, that is.
Go away you silly troll and get your GED. THEN we'll talk.
Just saying.

@ LadyDi

Racist White Example Number One Hmmm yall deserve scholarships you claim you are an attorney or educated white but you speak of nonsense and are racist just like your scholarships this is yy you dont deserve it these are the people you would have graduating from your schools.


hmmmm why people need to always look for controversial issues. They are not the only one has this kind of scholarship. there is african american scholarship, asian american scholarship etc etc. who ever wrote this news are just simply dumb. The person was probably stepping on his bran


you know to tell you the truth, i don't care. nor do i see a big issue with this. don't mexicans ( i am one) get special scholarships as do blacks, or many other minorities ( mind you i am one i am mexican ) i just think because its for just whites people see it as a problem if it was minorities only its for a good cause

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