Westboro Baptist Church Blames Oklahoma Tornado on Jason Collins, Kevin Durant

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The Westboro Baptist Church is drawing a link between Monday's devastating Oklahoma tornado and NBA star Kevin Durant's support for Jason Collins.

Oklahoma Tornado Photo

After Collins came out as gay in SI this spring, Oklahoma City Thunder forward Durant was one of many players to praise his courage and offer support.

According to the WBC, OKC is now paying the price.

Fred Phelps Jr., the son of Westboro Baptist Church minister Fred Phelps and the brother of Shirley Phelps-Roper, tweeted the following messages:

"OK Thunder's Durant flips God by praising fag Collins. God smashes OK. You do the math. #FearGod #GodH8sFags #FagsDoomNations #GodH8sU"

"God's wonderful wrath in Oklahoma reminds me: #GodCursesUForFagMarriage #GodIsYourTerrorist #GodWillRepay #GodH8sU #GodAvengesHisPeople"

WBC Phelps Tweet 2
WBC Phelps Tweet

Pretty awful, but not unexpected from a group that has picketed funerals of slain veterans, Sandy Hook students, and Boston bombing victims.

Those aren't the only cases, nor will they be the last. Any tragedy they can exploit and pin on increased tolerance of homosexuals, the WBC is on it!

Sadly, in this situation, they're not alone in their attempt to blame a natural disaster to the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) community.

In 2012, chaplain John McTernan linked Hurricane Sandy and other natural disasters to U.S. President Barack Obama's backing of marriage equality.

McTernan similarly linked Hurricane Isaac with the LGBT community, pointing to the fact that the storm coincided with New Orleans' "Gay Mardi Gras."


fred phelps is a fucking douche bag and a dumbass people are people and if i live in a world where you can't be who you wanna be becuase god doesn't like homosexuals..... then fuck heaven!!

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you know... don't let douchey people make you opinionate about heaven or god.... God loves all his children! Even murderers, rapists and just not good people... People who want to say that God hates gay people don't really have a relationship with God.


for hypocrite america: THIS COULD MEAN SOMETHING?


You really can't help but laugh at those silly people. They seriously think they are doing God's work. Lol. Poor things. I wonder what the average IQ is in that cult. Maybe God will have mercy on them because they are so simple.


Those Westboro Baptist Church morons act like their shit don't stink. They will do ANYTHING to spread and throw their hate/hatred around. INSUFFERABLE JACKASSES!!!!!


If you get mad at the WBC they win.
Considering the source and shrugging with indifference in regards to what they are opining about deminishes their power of word.


This crosses the line on so many levels, Hollywood Gossip for publishing such garbage and the assholes spewing it.


This is ignorant. People all over the NBA showed their support for him so does that mean tornados are going to destroy every state


you ignorant, homophobic, cult. you are are a disgrace to Christianity. Jesus cries for you. I can't say that I do. I do however pray for your souls, despite the nausea you put in my stomach.


The people of the WBC are nothing but a bunch of attention seeking idiots. If God hates homosexuals, then He will deal with them. Someone supporting another person is not wrong. Passing judgement is! WBC needs to slither back under the rock from which they came. Disgusting!!

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