Wade Robson: Michael Jackson Was a Sexually Abusive Monster and Everyone Knows It

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Wade Robson, through his attorney, is elaborating on his recent sexual abuse claim against the late Michael Jackson, who he calls an abusive monster.

One who threatened and brainwashed him, no less.

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Farewell, Michael Jackson

Henry Gradstein tells TMZ that Wade Robson, 30, was molested by the King of Pop at Neverland Ranch and his other homes between ages 7 and 14.

As for why Wade didn't come forward until now - and even testified under oath that Michael was innocent, as Jackson's lawyers pointed out immediately?

"Last year, on a career trajectory that was off the charts, he collapsed under the stress and sexual trauma of what had happened to him for seven years as a child."

The attorney adds that Robson carried the weight of long-repressed, emotional "brain washing by a sexual predator until the burden of it all crushed him."

Gradstein says MJ would tell Wade, "If anyone ever finds out about what we did we will go to jail for the rest of our lives ... our lives will be ruined forever.”  

From Wade's standpoint, it worked, as he went so far as to lie on the stand during Michael Jackson's 2005 molestation trial to protect his abuser.

Wade was steadfast for years that MJ did NOT molest him, something that is not lost on his attorney, who says it is not Robson's fault, but rather:

"Such intimidation of a child by a sexual predator is tragically characteristic and effective, keeping them quiet about the abuse - often for a lifetime."

"Michael Jackson was a monster and in their hearts every normal person knows it."

Robson filed a creditor's claim against Michael's estate earlier this week, alleging that the music icon molested him as a child and asking for damages.

Jackson died in 2009 and the deadline for claims against his estate has long passed, but Wade claims his repressed memories should allow an exception.

Gradstein says Robson has not asked for a specific sum of money, but that's clearly what he's after - justifiably or not - as MJ is no longer here to defend himself.

He slammed "the Jackson money machine" which he says is "at it again to keep the truth from coming out." But he says, "This time it won't work."

What do you think of Wade Robson's allegations against MJ?


If it's true, he should have been encouraged by his attorney to TELL the truth and not HIDE the truth on the stand. Shame on his attorney. Wade had the opportunity to defend his name and honor while the trial was going on and he did not. That trial alone probably evoked feelings of anger that could not be hidden. The fact that he comes out now when our economy is in the tank and CA is suffering is just a sign that yes, he is in this for the money, even if it's true. I feel bad for the guy but you can't step forward YEARS later and make these claims expecting money. The law should protect the Jacksons. Otherwise, why have laws?


If you are rich and gifted, be very careful who you befriend. Even if you are poor and have no talent, be careful who you befriend.


So he is "abused" between 7 and 14 - quite a long period, during which he returns to Neverland repeatedly and voluntarily - and then approx. EIGHT years later in 2005, when in his twenties and knowing well abuse victims are not jailed, he adamantly defends the "abuser" in court? And continues to defend him for EIGHT MORE years, then visits to a psychiatrist and suddenly discovers he's a pedophile victim? Very difficult to buy this story. You don't know what's behind this - unrecruited love for MJ, or need for money and/or attention, or hypnosis and implanted memories. I'd look into that "doctor" of his.


Gimme a motherfucking break!!!!! That Wade Robson dude looks like a money-hungry and punk-ass bitch who's just looking for some kind of quick $$$ cash settlement. In short, Wade deserves NOTHING!!!!!

Stephanie king

At this point MJ would not be paying. He is dead. So instead it will come out of the money his children are going to get. Whether it is a fabrication or the truth... Why should they have to pay money for something they had nothing to do with? MJ isnt around anymore and the money is set up for his kids. Its not right.


Dis ##sucks##


Liar. What a punk ass bitch. Abe, go stick your head in an oven and turn the gas on high. It's the button that looks like a part of a ladder that you can't reach the first rung of.


hahahahahahahahahahahaha, FORREST GUMP WAS A PORN ACTOR TOO?


Very suspicious and apparently opportunistic.

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