Wade Robson: Michael Jackson Sexually Abused Me

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Wade Robson is accusing Michael Jackson of sexual abuse, 20 years after it allegedly occurred and eight years after swearing it did not occur in court.

The choreographer, now 30, filed legal documents asking for money from the Michael Jackson Estate, on grounds of childhood sexual abuse.

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He met Michael when he was 5. They became close. By the time he was 7, he had sleepovers at Neverland and MJ's homes in L.A. and Las Vegas.

The sleepovers continued until Wade Robson was 14.

In Jackson's 2005 molestation trial, MJ's former housekeeper, Blanca Francia, testified she witnessed him in the shower with Wade, who was 8 or 9.

Robson, however, testified in the child molestation case personally and denied that the King of Pop engaged in any kind of inappropriate conduct.

Now he's telling a dramatically different story.

Wade's lawyer filed documents May 1 asking the judge in the Michael Jackson Estate case to allow him to file a late creditor's claim against the Estate.

The claim stems from alleged "childhood sexual abuse" and the complaint specifically outlines the alleged abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson.

Robson's attorney also mentions a psychiatrist who treated Wade after the alleged abuse, likely to bolster the argument that he deserves compensation.

Robson has worked with top names in music including Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Usher and P!nk; he's also worked on So You Think You Can Dance.

He is believed to be the "other man" who Britney cheated on Justin Timberlake with way back in the day, inspiring JT's 2002 hit song "Cry Me a River."

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Wade if you lied back then, you really have no credibility now. Even if you're telling the truth now it makes you look petty and greedy. Let the dead rest in peace! Live your own life and even more important earn your own money!


Totally agree. Michael Jackson was not normal in any way. He was a made up clown and never really fathered a child with his own blood. This i hope will come out finally in court. You cant even call him a man. Pedophile yes!!

@ patty

If he lied then , he is dirt, if he is lying now he is dirt!

@ patty



That Wade need to let MJ rest in peace.He just want money.


Wade Robson is working for AEG. AEG is now in a battle with The Jackson Family. They told months ago they would put all dirt and sleaze into this trial.... and this is just the top of the iceberg.... I don't know if he speaks the truth or not, that is up to a jury in court but if it's true he will go to jail too, he lied twice under oath in court and that is a criminal offense. Also someone who lies (not sure what the exact name of for that) in court can be called not credible and therefor all his testimonies can be erased from court....


MJ is gone. Why come out now after all this time... Again? Really you must need money. I hope you don't get anything Wade.

@ Nikki



It is not normal for a man to hang with children. MJ was notorious for always having young boys around. He had camera's and extra doors that could be locked, leading to his bedroom. Sorry, but the guy had a problem, he was a pedophile. I bet if it was little girls he had around, there would be plenty of questions. Well, grown men hanging with little boys is a huge problem. He had a carnival in his back yard, all kinds of things kids like...this is not normal behavior. All the signs lead to that fact, MJ was a pedophile. He was not a normal person, he was strange and was protected because of who he was.

@ Joyce Richey

I agree it's not normal. Where were the parents? No parents in their right mind would let their son stay at another mans house and sleep in the same bed... If it was my son that liked to go over there I would be with him at all times. MJ liked children... He wanted to give kids what he didn't have when he was a child. But at times I think MJ went to far. As big as his house was and the kids slept in the same bed as him don't make sense.

@ Joyce Richey

These kids slept in his room....don't forget that. Do any of you sleep with young boys?? They slept in his bed with him...


y cnt they LET the KING rest in peace???????
y????????? y?????????????


Sorry who is Wade Robson?
I guess know everyone will know soon enough. Good luck on your law suite Wade.
Hope you lose your shirt and publically embarrass yourself.


Seems to me if he denied it in a court of law while facing the person who supposedly abused him, and that person is no longer alive to defend himself against these accusations and a 180 degree turn in his story, this guy is up the creek without a paddle. He apparently ran out of money and needs a new cash infusion from the Jackson estate.


What did this guy do with the millions of $$ that MJ paid him to keep his mouth shut? Too bad he took the money instead putting MJ behind bars where he belonged. If he did MJ probably would still be alive, He should be booted out of the R&R HOF. MJ is no better then Gary Glitter!