Wade Robson: Michael Jackson Sexually Abused Me

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Wade Robson is accusing Michael Jackson of sexual abuse, 20 years after it allegedly occurred and eight years after swearing it did not occur in court.

The choreographer, now 30, filed legal documents asking for money from the Michael Jackson Estate, on grounds of childhood sexual abuse.

Wade Robson and Michael Jackson
Wade Robson Photo

He met Michael when he was 5. They became close. By the time he was 7, he had sleepovers at Neverland and MJ's homes in L.A. and Las Vegas.

The sleepovers continued until Wade Robson was 14.

In Jackson's 2005 molestation trial, MJ's former housekeeper, Blanca Francia, testified she witnessed him in the shower with Wade, who was 8 or 9.

Robson, however, testified in the child molestation case personally and denied that the King of Pop engaged in any kind of inappropriate conduct.

Now he's telling a dramatically different story.

Wade's lawyer filed documents May 1 asking the judge in the Michael Jackson Estate case to allow him to file a late creditor's claim against the Estate.

The claim stems from alleged "childhood sexual abuse" and the complaint specifically outlines the alleged abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson.

Robson's attorney also mentions a psychiatrist who treated Wade after the alleged abuse, likely to bolster the argument that he deserves compensation.

Robson has worked with top names in music including Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Usher and P!nk; he's also worked on So You Think You Can Dance.

He is believed to be the "other man" who Britney cheated on Justin Timberlake with way back in the day, inspiring JT's 2002 hit song "Cry Me a River."


OK everyone let's chill OK I'm a mj fan to of mj Janet and the 5.OK but as a molested/rape victim myself since kinder garden.Its a awful thing it took me years of therapy to be able to feel decent but I still have issues.We all know mj was sent to court over and over again a fact OK.we also know mj had issues again a fact,mj was weird no normal person hangs with boys or shares a bed with boys.Now other good things mjs kids are wonderful mj never was a biological parent he married under strange circumstances fact elvises daughter had facts and proff of all these .mj played lady's very well for his kids the 2 oldest arefrom mjs first wife he paid her well even she was trying to get her kids back and away from mj ask yourself why.elvises daughter kept her kids close never alone with mj ask yourself why.OOn Simpson was guility to everyone knows this but he got off just like mj why cause money talks truth walks sad our society has come to this either way mj was put in judgement not by us but by God himself OK .If you every watched the movies true life of the Jacksons they were off the father was sack the mom was abused and a victim just like all the kids were.here's a thought who molested and possibly did the same to mj.Here's another thought mj was gay a pedifole,he was because far as all his wife's have said they never had sex fact.Either way we all loved mjs/Jackson music but he still was what he was.We want him to rest in piece that's not what the issue here is.OK another fact mj died of drug abuse his claims were I do drugs cause I can't sleep,I don't eat any psychologist will tell you this is a guilt coping method I'm sure he wanted to be cured but he wasn't so he turned to drugs and starvation.Also all these boys were being paid to cover it up.plus the boys were possibly afride or they wanted mj in there life they kept quiet.The truths will come out probly when his kids are grown and having problems.why did mj want to look so much like peter pan? Latoa Jackson and mj look the exact same both had way to much surgery,again why did mj wish to be white he was handsome always before the surgery all the kids were.The dad is to blame for a whole lot of the Jackson issues he was horrid.The mom held them tight.But you all have a point wades career is sucking,mj is dead so wade feels no fear but again why did he not tell the truth before?mj had a lot of famous boys he damaged don't forget the much lie boys,Webster,Cory not haim but the other Cory,And don't forget the Jesus juice he gave the boys that to was a fact and videos elvises daughter found. He was different that is fact and the interviews don't forget those.


If Jackson had been locked away for molesting kids, he might be alive today. At least it would have been harder to get drugs... maybe.

@ McKay

Yep, he was different alright ! real different ...

@ shay weller

Michael was never guilty!

Mike dante

Look how cute lil' Wade is, wouldn't you want to play hide the weasel and molest him yourself?!


I don't believe this at all. He's run out of money and Michael's estate is making money, so he thinks he should get more even though he denied it. Looks like he's the only one Michael jackson ever molested? I'm a victim so I normally support other victims. But this spells rotten.


What a shameless gold-digging bitch...he can get whatever amount that he mightbe asking very simple, he should go to Micheal"s grave, wake him up and get the money...that idiot should be ashamed of his miserable self

@ Edith ndidi

I am a victim as well and I do not find Wade credible!


How sad, whatever happened to RIP, this man ought to be ashamed of himself, and the money hungry Lawyer taking the case, how did he look himself in the mirror to bring such a case on a dead ma?

@ Binky

In my book, he don't deserve to rest in peace. Every thing Michael owned should be sold and the money divided with the kids he molested.


Parents should never have let their children sleep in the same bed with mj and brag about i. I bet he had a lot of notches on his bed post!!! He was a lousy dirt ball and a lousy role model for kids always grabbing his parts! Makes me sick. Hopefully he is rotting in hell--or some such place!!!! All that failed plastic surgery he had was so he didn't have to look at himself in the mirror, trying to hide from himself and not have to face what he did to all those kids over the years. He knew he was a dirt ball and so did his fake, phoney and fraudulent family of his!!!!


SMH, so sad another liar has to come forth and make MJ look bad. RIP Michael Jackson. I am a huge Michael Jackson fan too


Blow it out your butt! Michael was found not guilty all 14 counts. The first kid it was proved extortion. Jordie claimed Michael was circumcise, he was not. Plus the date the Arvizo kid said his abuse happened, Michael was not their. He was on tour, Bangkok I believe!


This man just seems to be a broke wannabe seeking money and more fame.


he just needs money, broke ass jerk, and if Michael Jackson did sexual assualt him im sure he did like it and therefore the reason why he denied it in the first place

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