Wade Robson: Michael Jackson Sexually Abused Me

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Wade Robson is accusing Michael Jackson of sexual abuse, 20 years after it allegedly occurred and eight years after swearing it did not occur in court.

The choreographer, now 30, filed legal documents asking for money from the Michael Jackson Estate, on grounds of childhood sexual abuse.

Wade Robson and Michael Jackson
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He met Michael when he was 5. They became close. By the time he was 7, he had sleepovers at Neverland and MJ's homes in L.A. and Las Vegas.

The sleepovers continued until Wade Robson was 14.

In Jackson's 2005 molestation trial, MJ's former housekeeper, Blanca Francia, testified she witnessed him in the shower with Wade, who was 8 or 9.

Robson, however, testified in the child molestation case personally and denied that the King of Pop engaged in any kind of inappropriate conduct.

Now he's telling a dramatically different story.

Wade's lawyer filed documents May 1 asking the judge in the Michael Jackson Estate case to allow him to file a late creditor's claim against the Estate.

The claim stems from alleged "childhood sexual abuse" and the complaint specifically outlines the alleged abuse at the hands of Michael Jackson.

Robson's attorney also mentions a psychiatrist who treated Wade after the alleged abuse, likely to bolster the argument that he deserves compensation.

Robson has worked with top names in music including Britney Spears, *NSYNC, Usher and P!nk; he's also worked on So You Think You Can Dance.

He is believed to be the "other man" who Britney cheated on Justin Timberlake with way back in the day, inspiring JT's 2002 hit song "Cry Me a River."


the first case against MJ found no evidence to proceed with a trial after MJ settled with a boy and his father. The boy now adult has said the father made him lie about it to get 20 million in the settlement. 2nd time around in court he was found to be not guilty. This robson kid said in court nothing happened. Now he's asking for money and changing his story. the asking for money part should be enough to show that his new claims are all about the money, not the truth. MJ was certainly flawed and had problems with growing up, and not having a childhood, but 2 trials with no finding of guilty and most 'witnesses' claiming that there was no physical assault at some time in their lives and/or asking for money should tell any reasoning person that MJ didn't do anything bad to any kid. I'll bet that if they gave this guy money, he'll be saying in another 10 years about how he lied again this time!

@ cjones

I think it is called bribery, extortion, just another gold digging clown looking for attention.


You just want money


Too late kiddo, you had your chance. When is everyone gonna stop going after Michael's money? Including his family.


This boy is telling a damn lie, he needs money, so now he's coming up with this "Lie"! Who the F@#k can you trust these day's? He enjoy the success of being a friend to Michael Jackson and this is the thanks he get? Wade Robson, you're a "Scum Bag"!!! That's a low blow but you reap what you sow....so look for it!! R.I.P. Michael Jackson!! There are many people who don't believe this "Bullsh*t" from this money hungry "Liar"!! How can you look at yourself, knowing you're "Lying"? You're on my "Sh*tlist"!!


This mother fucker is a fucking liar... How do u think he became a choreographer without MJ? This asshole needs free money so he made up a fucking totally FAKE story.... And if the judgement is on his side, u fucking assholes are worthless in living.. Curse u Wade


Go ahead and let him sue for the money. Once the decision has been reached, arrest him for perjurey before he can leave the courtroom. If MJ really did molest him, then he lied on the stand when he claimed he was not molested. He was old enough to know that he needed to tell the truth.


well, his early "sleepovers" with MJ obviously helped him connect to his later "sleepovers" with Britney etc... not bad!!


Let Wade sue Michaels Estate. Then lock Wades parents and manager up in prison for allowing it for fame and fortune. They are just as guilty. You don't let your child have a sleepover with any man especially one that had a reputation for liking children in inappropriate ways. So, yes! Sue MJ's estate but make your parents and manager pay,as well, WADE!!

@ Kerrissa

Very good Point! I didn't even think of that. All the other parents who let their kids stay with Michael unsupervised then turned around and claimed he molested them should be sued as well. I don't care how much money you have, there's no way in heck I'm letting my kid spend the night over a grown man's house, especially if I'm not there.

@ Diana

Interesting, if some guy molested you would you invite him over to a family barbacue! He spent time with Michael and his kids a year before Michael died. Swore up and down in a court of law that Mike never touched him. Makes support videos, dances a tribute, then has a nervous breakdown. Did Wade get Bipolar!


Omg! Can you really not let him rest in peace !? Jeez , fuckin goddigger . And even if he was molested - why would he wait so long to admit it ! Ridiculous! money grubber .

@ Jessica

People who are abused often do not feel able to talk about the abuse until later in life.


shame on you Wade Robson.

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