Wade Robson: Michael Jackson Was a Pedophile, Forced Me to Perform Sex Acts, Keep Quiet

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Wade Robson opened up on Today this morning about his claims that Michael Jackson sexually abused him and forced him to keep quiet about it.

Robson told Matt Lauer there is no repressed memory of what happened, as has been reported, nor is he coming forward now just for money.

“I never forgot one moment of what Michael did,” he said. “but I was psychologically unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse.”

Asked to spell out what that means, he didn't hesitate.

The choreographer claims that the King of Pop "performed sexual acts on him and forced me to perform sexual acts on him" when he was a child.

Robson, 30, told Lauer that Michael Jackson gained his silence by telling him this was "love" and that they would both be imprisoned if he told anyone.

He called this “complete manipulation and brainwashing.”

Asked by Lauer about those who have publicly scoffed at his claims, such as Jackson's attorneys and family members, Robson said he understands.

However, he adamantly denies fabricating any of it.

“The idea that I would make this up and put my family through an extremely stressful and painful experience, all for the sake for money … is incomprehensible to me,” he said.

“I lived in silence and denial for 22 years," Robson went on, noting that he suffered nervous breakdowns after his son was born two years ago.

"In order to heal, I have to speak the truth and speak the whole truth. Understand that I'm not going away. I'm not going to be silenced for money."

Asked to describe his feelings about the late music icon, who died in 2009 and who Wade says abused him from ages 7-14, Robson said this:

“Heartbreak, pain, anger and compassion. He was a troubled man. He was many things. He was very talented. But he was also a pedophile and a child sexual abuser.”

The first hearing in Robson’s claim is scheduled for June 6.

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Michael Jackson was also around other kids then. I would like to hear their perspectives. Wade Robson just seems to be a liar and manipulator.

@ Ernest

I agree. The King of Pop is resting in peace. wade just want money.


Im not positive but I do think Wade is telling the truth. Michael had very unusual ideas about boys sleeping with him for a man his age. There were others who had concerns and molestation charges against him too. It's awful to think about but I don't believe Wade would subject his own family to this kind of publicity if it weren't true.


RIP MJ. While I respect MJ as the talented man that he was, I've always felt some kinda way when those allegations were made years ago against him. I mean, I know ppl do crazy things for $$, but I didn't think it was a coincidence that ALL of those kids were saying very similar, if not 'the same' story. I also think that he should've handled it more privately, but I guess some ppl have to let it out differently.

@ ThaTruth

Has it ever occured to you that the reason all those kids were saying the same or similar stories were because they were saying what they were told to say by their money hungry parents. Some settled for money to walk away. What parent would walk away for money "IF" their child had truly been molested by a man, no one would have? I have a son and if he had come to me saying that Michael or any man was doing things to him sexually. There's no I would have stopped or shut up until he was in jail and my son got the medical help he needed.

Brandon penny

You guys forget another thing - Michael Jackson is dead, he can not defend himself, and how he could prove something against Wades claims if he is dead? But hey... Wade Robson claims something and he, because is alive, can prove what? His claims? He is just saying something and lets the people just think of the prejudice to Michael Jackson, creating the monstrous myth. You can see it from the reactions of all people, some simply say directly, only by reading or listenting to Wade accusations, that Michael Jackson is guilty, and his claims are the only evidence for them, what a big big social perversion. WITHOUT ANY EVIDENVE, JUST CLAIMS, YOU JUDGE(D) A PERSON BASED ON - HE/WADE SAID...., AND BELIEVE THE CLAIMS AND THE STORIES NEGATING THE FACTS FROM THE/HIS PAST. A broke aging dancer is seeking the pot of gold at the end of Michael Jackson's rainbow.  What a loser.  How many people have tried to ride the gravy train?  The punk and the punks family who this clown testified in court against were just a few of those who lied to ride the gravy train.  Now, this guy wasn't a child when he tesitified, he knew what he was saying back then but back then his life had promise.  Now he's facing the reality that all dancers do, that age is not a welcome thing.  I think he's a low life piece of crap who is trying to score some cash now that his dancing days are over and he's got the burden of the expense of a child.  He looks like a drug user, has anyone asked him if he has a drug habit? ALL of those testifying against Michael during that trial were proven to be LYING LOSERS and grifters.  No one actaully saw anything but their own greed.  Hey, think about it, if this guy changed his story once, will he change it again in 10 years?  What a loser. So he remembers every detail of the alleged 7 years of abuse yet he willingly praised Michael Jackson in the media over and over after his death? What? Did Michael manipulate him from the grave? Did Michael make him attend and cry at his funeral too? Oh, did Michael manipulate him into signing on as a choreographer for MJ's upcoming Cirque shows in Vegas? He was fired from the Cirque shows by the way...is that why all of a sudden he was abused by MJ? hmmm.


I believe MJ was definitely into children and probably had sex with them. That does not diminish his talent in away. He just like little boys for sex that's all.

@ Paul

It goes both ways....while MJ cant defend himself by being dead, he also never had to answer for any of his alleged crimes/accusations. being dead can be a benefit sometimes :) MJ was a great entertainer, but he was far from being an open and honest person, who was out of touch with reality. Nothing would surprise me.

@ Paul

oh really? "likes little boys for sex that's all?" do YOU have any little boys that a pedofile would like to "have a little sex with?"

@ Eva

@Paul I'm with you! How is it that this guy was so worshipped. WHICH Kid on EARTH has his own say? At 7 or 8? Can none of you remember what it was like at that age. Craaaazeeee.


Why is he waiting until the man is dead and can't depend himself? I don't believe it.

@ khrish

why? Maybe because he doesn't have to worry about a millionaires lawyers swarming him with gag orders and libel suits any more. even if it were true, its not like MJ's lawyers wouldn't have bullied him. Ppl with means have many more options that the rest of us. None of us know what really happened and never will.


I believe Wade Robinson was molested by Michael Jackson. Still Jackson is dead. Wade should be confessing to his clergy, therapist, or trusted friend, not to the public. To feel better about not telling the truth when it could have helped save other young boys, talk to youngsters and tell them your story and just say it was a celebrity. Tell them how they can protect themselves. Tell them not to get into bed with an adult. Tell them to scream and try to run if an adult gets in bed with them. It is sad that it comes to this. But the stories have remained the same over the decades. I believe "people" were blinded by MJ's persona just like another man who raped and molested children for decades and went unpunished.


Why is it so hard to believe that MJ was a filthy , child molester? I believe this guy and have always thought Michael was guilty. Had he been locked up, maybe he would be alive today. Course, his greedy family couldn't fight for his money. I hope this guy gets everything.


I am on MJ's side and it is sad this lunatic came on TV and disrespected MJ and told lies. What a phony!


I don't believe it..why is he just now coming out with it..mj is gone let him rest in peace for gods sake! Rip Michael! Love u

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