The Voice Results: Who Made the Final 12?

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The Top 12 finalists have been announced on The Voice.

Monday, Team Usher and Team Adam squared off. Tuesday, it was Team Blake and Team Shakira. Four members per team, vying for three spots.

Who earned them after America selected two from each squad, and the coaches each selected one more to advance to the Top 12 show next Monday?

Let's find out!

The Voice Season 4 Coaches Photo

Right off the bat, Carson Daly announced there were inconsistencies in the voting, and that votes via text and online were not included in the voting results.

However, "removing votes did not affect the outcome." Mmmkay.

The Voice results for the Top 16 performers were as follows:

Team Blake: Holly Tucker and Danielle Bradbery were the top two vote-getters. And for the sake of switching things up, Blake saved the Swon Brothers.

Team Shakira: Sasha Allen and Kris Thomas advanced, and "based on what I can contribute to this person," Shakira chose to save Garrett Gardner.

Team Usher: Michelle Chamuel and Vedo, were voted through by America. The coach then took Josiah Hawley along with him to the next round.

Team Adam: Judith Hill and Amber Carrington got the most votes. Sarah Simmons got the nod in what was clearly a very tough call for her coach.

Blake's Justin Rivers, Shakira's Karina Iglesias, Usher's Cathia and Adam's Caroline Glaser are headed home. Do you agree with The Voice outcome?

Sound off in the comments!


Chris should have been sent home, Im sorry but his performance was horrible!!!

Elisa granjo

judith has a grat voice,but is a pro
karina is not a pro.
she only teach children
but i enjoed to see as young persons -like michele( VERY SPECIAL) IS MORE VOTED IN ITUNES


It went exactly as I expected. I just wish they would knock Hill out, technically she already had/has a singing career I mean she sang with Michael Jackson for goodness sake. Let someone else have the spot light and make the meaningful connections to launch their career. JMO. I am not saying she can't sing, I am just saying she doesn't belong in a singing contests with these guys.


love garrett. talented, young and with a very promising career ahead of him.

Elisa granjo
@ christieo


Elaine stewart kimery

I agree with the choices ..I dont like Josiah, but I liked Cathia even less, and not her singing but her bitchiness, which really shouldnt matter but unfortunately it did, and does..I didnt think her Whitney Houston song was that bad either, but her attitude stunk..Dont like to watch Josiah sing..I dont think Garret is the better singer over Karina but, he will go fast, and I love Amber & Caroline, I wish Judith would have gone, she should not be on that show, I dont think it is fair to the others that having had the opportunities she did, just seems very unbalanced, I like to see people with little to no training or not coming from a real professional backgroud get their chances to grow & blossom into a huge talent, I'm not crazy about the Swan Brothers but they were stronger singers than Justin, I hope above all Judith does not win..and i love the little Michelle girl too, with her little quirky self..!!! My faves of all Amber, Holly, Danielle, Sasha, Michelle, Kris & I really loved Caroline but now she is gone.sad.

@ Elaine Stewart Kimery

you hope Judith does not win, why? she only perform with a french singer Michael Polnoreff and Michael Jackson but you like Sasha, she perform with Babyface,Alice Keys, John Legend, Christina Aguilera, Usher, David Bowie, and Celine Dion. She once signed with Elektra Record and had a single ( Let Fly Away)

@ Elaine Stewart Kimery

I agree. It's nice to see a fresh face like Danielle with no previous history just come on stage and knock it out of the ball park. I wish the Voice would stop auditioning people who already have toured with " famous" stars. JMO


Judith Hill sounds like every other strong singer on the market. I wish she would of gone home and Carolina would of stayed. I put the unique talent of Chris and Sarah at the top of my list. Let's hope the coaches picks songs that will show and elevate their talents in break out moments instead of sounds like this person songs, even if the would chose an original by the artist that would be better. They know what displays their talent best. (Chris and Sarah)

Elaine stewart kimery
@ Deborah

agree with you..I am not as huge fan of Sarah, but she is very good..


I really don't care about Blake picking The Swon Brothers over Justin Rivers because I don't care for either & really Danielle is the only one who will win it for Team Blake IF his team does win--which I don't think they will this year. I was a little surprised that Shakira picked Garrett over Karina. I really think Karina is an exceptional singer & I believed Sasha & Karina would win it for her team. I guess though Shakira has too much of a soft spot for Garrett, which I don't know why because he's not that good at all. I'm SO glad that America got it right with Usher's team. Michelle & Vedo deserve to be in the top two spots & I'm glad Usher picked Josiah because I could not stand Cathia. She is not that good of a singer at all & I didn't like her version of the Whitney Houston song. I don't care much for Josiah either but he will be gone soon in all due time. I'm really surprised Adam picked Sarah to advance. I really liked Caroline & although I was glad to see Amber get voted in by America I really don't understand why Judith didn't go home. She shouldn't even be in that competition since she worked with Michael Jackson. I feel she has a big advantage of the other contestants but nonetheless I think her singing is overkill. I would have loved to see Judith go home. But definitely Caroline should have stayed. Sarah was extremely pitchy in her last performance.


Josiah is annoying and should have been sent home. Karina Iglesias was super talented but I can understand shakira's decision.


As far as the other saves, the 3 remaining coaches saved their favorites over better singers. Not a huge fan of Justin but he definitely should have stayed over the Swon Bros.
I'm not crazy about Garrett or Karina so I didn't really care there but no surprise at all Shakira kept the less talented Garrett.
The outrage of the night for me was Josiah over Cathia. I really like Cathia, although she seems a bit bitchy and obnoxious. Josiah is TERRIBLE, absolutely terrible. And those faces he makes while he sings, eyy yay yay. He's skating by so far b/c he's the "heart throb" on the show. Only one more week of him, I'm sure he'll finish dead last next week with no Usher to save him....


Only shocker of the night for me was America saving Amber over Sarah. That one really stunned me. Sarah is great but I really love Caroline, I was hoping he had the guts to keep Caroline and send home Sarah. I really think he almost did too...oh could tell Adam was genuinely shocked. I think he thought we would have to chose between Amber and Caroline...

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