The Voice Results: Who Made the Final 12?

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The Top 12 finalists have been announced on The Voice.

Monday, Team Usher and Team Adam squared off. Tuesday, it was Team Blake and Team Shakira. Four members per team, vying for three spots.

Who earned them after America selected two from each squad, and the coaches each selected one more to advance to the Top 12 show next Monday?

Let's find out!

The Voice Season 4 Coaches Photo

Right off the bat, Carson Daly announced there were inconsistencies in the voting, and that votes via text and online were not included in the voting results.

However, "removing votes did not affect the outcome." Mmmkay.

The Voice results for the Top 16 performers were as follows:

Team Blake: Holly Tucker and Danielle Bradbery were the top two vote-getters. And for the sake of switching things up, Blake saved the Swon Brothers.

Team Shakira: Sasha Allen and Kris Thomas advanced, and "based on what I can contribute to this person," Shakira chose to save Garrett Gardner.

Team Usher: Michelle Chamuel and Vedo, were voted through by America. The coach then took Josiah Hawley along with him to the next round.

Team Adam: Judith Hill and Amber Carrington got the most votes. Sarah Simmons got the nod in what was clearly a very tough call for her coach.

Blake's Justin Rivers, Shakira's Karina Iglesias, Usher's Cathia and Adam's Caroline Glaser are headed home. Do you agree with The Voice outcome?

Sound off in the comments!


Amber and Holly...over...Sarah and Judith??? Really???
Talent contest. I'm not sure the public should vote, maybe they should have the LIVE AUDIENCE vote instead.
Can't figure this...
Good luck Michelle...hope you make it past the Swan Brothers


So I'm not unhappy about it but I see where your coming from Heather and Kate there's no need for your attitude she was simply expressing herself if YOU don't like it you should stick to Facebook


And no Heather and I will watch whatever show we want thanks.......she asked a question if you agree its a yes or no there's no need to be a bitch about it


Most of the contestants on the Voice have had some kind of previous experience. It doesn't bother me at all...she has always,I think had "back up" rolls. If your unhappy with it perhaps you need to stick with or go back to Idol!

Elisa granjo

i fully agree with kate

Elisa granjo

i fully agree with kate!


Is anyone else bothered by the fact that Sasha Allen is professional? She has performed on Broadway and The West End in Hair as Dionne in 2010. Not to mention according to a 2010 bio in a playbill she claims to have worked with Usher and Christina Aguilera. Hmmmmm.

@ Heather

Heather I agree I thought the same thing


I have one major problem with the voice. Whitney songs are not sacred. For gods sakes the show is the voice which has different voices. We have a lot of great singers who has passed away but its ok to sing their songs. In all reality before Whitney died she could not have song that song as well as the young lady on team Ursher. No real singers are going to sound identical, judges don"t loose track of that!


Seriously, Shakira??? What were you thinking??? You can do the most for Garrett...It's about talent and although he has some, he has a long way to go. Karina on the other hand is loaded with talent and stage personality! Who knows who will win but you just blew one of your strongest chances...What are you afraid of???


Justin was awesome as always, the swon brothers seem like good guys but the voice is about MUSIC and talent. To me there was nothing special about them, didn't impress me at all. Justin is way more experienced and knows what he's doing. He would have also gotten farther if he was promoted in the beginning. Another one of my favs was Caroline, she had such a unique voice, I loved hearing her sing.

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