The Voice Results: Sliced to 6

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The top 8 were great, but only 6 will now remain in the mix.

Yes, following a live performance show on Memorial Day night - one that covered such artists as Adele, Justin Bieber and The Judds - Daniele, Michelle and company learned their fate on this week's results episode.

Did your favorite make the cut? Did America press the right buttons? Debate the fate below of the eliminated contestants, whose identity are...

The Voice Final 8

... Judith Hill and Sarah Simmons!

So much for risk-taking, huh? We did NOT see these eliminations coming. What do you think?

Did American make the right choice this week?


While I thought Judith was a cut above the rest and sorry to see her go, I know she will come out just fine. She has a spectacular career ahead of her. Michelle seems nice -- and above all, talented -- but is just too off center to make it. Love Holly so I'm cheering for her now. They were all good.


I couldn't be more thrilled. Good bye Judith. I don't feel sorry for her she is gonna make it just fine now. So I am hoping Amber or Michelle come out on top. ")


If Judith was contracted, allowed on the show it's fair game regardless of her other jobs performing as a singer. She was one of my favorites. They ALL have AMAZING voices. This show just keeps getting better and better.

Marilyn dugger

I was thrilled with the winners last night! The singers are great this year and going to be a tuff one. Judith was good, but your right she didn't need to be there for a job..Danielle is awesome but I have several favorites..great show and gets better every year..wish American Idol would give it up compared to the Voice..they'll never make it!

@ Marilyn Dugger

I was very happy with the results :) I thought Amber nailed Skyfall & deserved to move on She was the best performance of the night period!! Now as far as I am concerned Holly also was awesome & Danielle, Holly, & Amber are the top 3 performers :) now Sasha is my favorite personality she seems so kind @ sincere :)


I have to say they were good but Judith I did not think it was fair she was on the show, she had training before and sang with Michael Jackson which mean she was good. She could get a record deal if she found the right manager she is really good but I dont think her being on there was fair to the other artist who had no training.

@ Michelle Lunn

I agree ... there is nobody I wanted out more than her. I don't much care for Danielle either but can't win them all. I highly favor Michelle now, but failing that either Amber or Sasha. I do not under any circumstances want the sheltonator to win another year ... his head is already big enough as it is.


They got rid of some of the screamers.......Great. Now to get rid of the rest that scream instead of singing and the show will end pretty good.

@ McKay

i agree. he has gotten a little more cocky. i used to like him but his attitude is what turns me off.


Sarah should have gone for sure.

@ Nancy

I agree :)