The Bachelorette Spoilers 2013: Desiree Hartsock Final Four, WINNER Revealed!

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Desiree Hartsock begins her quest for love and ratings as The Bachelorette May 27, and we're starting to piece together the coming season bit by bit.

The Bachelorette spoilers revealed so far hint at a multitude of charming, impressive guys and magical moments for Des. But which man will win it all?

Desiree Hartsock on The Bachelorette

Desiree Hartsock, 26, competed for Sean Lowe's affections on The Bachelor. That didn't work out, as she finished fourth. But when one door closes ...

As he did then, the man, the myth, the one-man online oracle of TV, Reality Steve, has been digging like a fiend for the spoilers we know you crave.

What has he found out through his mysterious unnamed sources?

A lot. And his venerable track record speaks for itself at this point.

Come along as we reveal the men who will vie for the California cutie's heart - and the final four who are left standing at the end! Which one will win it all?

Follow the jump for The Bachelorette spoilers 2013!

The beautiful bridal stylist's final four fellas this season are ...

  1. Brooks Forester: 28, Salt Lake City, Utah.
  2. Zak Waddell: 31, San Antonio, TX.
  3. Drew Kenney: Scottsdale, AZ.
  4. Chris Siegfried: 27, Seattle, Washington.

Four worthy contenders. Four epically cheesy PR photos.

Following hometown dates, Desiree is set to head to the Caribbean with her final four. She'll cut the field down to three, and then two, and then one.

Desiree's Finale Rose Ceremony reportedly took place in Antigua, at The Verandah Resort & Spa, an oasis with sandy beaches and nature trails.

Bachelorette spoiler alert: Des hearts nature trails!!

Even more than that, she loves one of these four gents so hard. Word on the street is that he was the man to beat from the get-go in her mind.

So who is the one? Let's break it down by week ...

Week 1 (May 27) kicks off with the "Cinderella" story of Des, followed by the obligatory intros. The 19 guys remaining after the first rose ceremony:

James Case, Juan Pablo Galavis, Brad McKinzie, Zack Kalter, Kasey Stewart, Ben Scott, Zak Waddell, Brooks Forester, Brandon Andreen, Brian Jarosinski, Dan Cox, Chris Siegfried, Bryden Vukasin, Michael Garofola, Mikey Tenerelli, Robert Graham, Drew Kenney, Nick Mucci and Will Reese.

Week 2 (June 3) eliminations: Will Reese, Robert Graham, and Nick Mucci.

Week 3 (June 10) eliminations: Brandon Andreen, Dan Cox and Brian Jarosinski.

Brian, interestingly, is eliminated earlier in the episode than the other two because, well, his girlfriend showed up. On the show. That's a new one.

It's Stephanie Larimore, a single mom and Playboy’s Playmate of the month in June 2006. He didn't even tell her he was going on the show. Hilarious.

Week 4 (June 17) eliminations: Zack Kalter and Brad McKinzie.

Week 5 (June 24) eliminations: Ben Scott, Mikey Tenerelli and Bryden Vukasin

Bryden, apparently, eliminates himself because he is "not feeling it."

He was also knowingly hooking up with what seems like his girlfriend right before leaving for the show, then resumed doing so afterward. Awesome.

Week 6 (July 1) eliminations: Kasey Stewart, James Case, and Juan Pablo Galavis.

Week 7 (July 8) elimination: Michael Garofola.

Week 8 (July 15) hometown dates elimination: Zak Waddell.

Week 9 (July 22) overnight dates elimination: Drew Kenney.

Week 10 (July 29) is the Men Tell All special. So much filler.

Which brings us to Week 11 and the August 5 season finale, where both guys show up to the final rose ceremony, one gets dumped and the winner is ...

Brooks Forester Photo

Brooks Forester!

Yup, Reality Steve wrote weeks ago, in fact, that "Desiree has been smitten by Brooks from the beginning" and "that’s the guy she’s gonna choose."

That was in April. Now the rose ceremony is over and done with and Brooks did in fact bring it home. So Steve picked the winner before she did!

He adds that a final rose does not a wedding make: "From everything I’m hearing, Brooks Forester is not ready to be married anytime soon. Just sayin’."

Hmm. Not a very rosy (pun oh-so-intended) outlook. But anyway, it's now official. Desiree picks Brooks and as of right now, they are engaged.

So if he's not the marrying type, well, things are going to get interesting once the season ends and the tabloid feeding frenzy begins. Can't wait.

So there you go. We'll have updates and corrections for you if and when they become available, but you can pretty much take this to the bank.

UPDATE, 6/4/13: The 16 remaining contestants following the first two episodes are, in fact, the ones listed above. No major surprises there.

UPDATE, 6/10/13: Brian Jarosinski's girlfriend back home, Stephanie Larimore, came on the show to confront him in epic fashion. It was hilarious.

UPDATE, 6/17/13: The eliminations are going according to plan, though there have been increasing whispers that Des ends up with no one in the end.

This could just be classic misdirection on the show's part to keep us guessing and disguise the true favorite(s), which has been a go-to move in the past.

UPDATE, 6/25/13: Still on track for exactly the finish predicted above. It looks like James may eliminate himself or be kicked off pre-rose ceremony.

UPDATE, 7/2/13: As predicted, Kasey, Juan Pablo, and James are heading back to the real world, leaving Chris, Michael, Zak, Brooks and Drew.

UPDATE, 7/2/13: Interestingly, Reality Steve has just flip-flopped his third- and fourth-place finishers, with Zak now the odd man out after hometowns.

Drew, he now says, is eliminated in third place, setting up a Chris/Brooks finale, as expected all along. Could this mean he is wrong about that?

Only time will tell, but word is that the final two are still iron clad. Stay tuned, though. Many, many more updates to come as the season develops.

UPDATE, 7/9/13: The final four are set, as predicted. Brooks Forester, Chris Siegfried, Drew Kenney and Zak Waddell have earned hometown dates.

UPDATE, 7/16/13: Zak got the boot, leaving Brooks, Chris and Drew.

The initial Bachelorette spoilers were slightly off, but the amended reports were accurate, as Zak will not be moving on to the coveted overnight dates.

UPDATE, 7/23/13: The Men Tell All is behind us now, and what's promised next is a two-part finale that's the most surprising and emotional EVER.

As you saw in the previews, Des' tears are the primary focal point.

UPDATE, 7/30/13: The shocking conclusion we've been promised certainly is that, though it remains to be seen if she will leave engaged or heartbroken.

Will Brooks return? Will Drew or Chris sweep her off her feet? Will she leave as single as the day she got there? It will all play out come August 5.

UPDATE, 8/5: Well ... that one certainly threw us all for a loop, no?

On the season finale, Drew Kenney was eliminated, Chris Siegfried proposed and Desiree Hartsock accepted. No Brooks Forester return. At all.

The Bachelorette spoilers were spoiled. As in rotten. All summer!

Was there deliberate misdirection on ABC's part to plant fake spoilers out there? Or just a terrific job of keeping the actual ending a secret for months?

Whatever the explanation, Chris Siegfried and Des are engaged!

Just goes to show that you never really know until you tune in and see it play out for yourselves. Congrats, Des! Now that it's over, tell us, Bachelorette fans:

Did Desiree make the right decision?


Guys I still like I know he broke her heart, but i can't help it. I guess I have a problem. no need to bash me. It's like the notebook or something. The conflict with brooks makes their relationship seem so much more realistic and beautiful than drew or chris' where it's so puppy dogs and unicorns and lovey dovey all the time. I'm pathetic I know, but I think brooks really does love her even though he had to break up with her.

@ Lena

AHH your comment perfectly describes how I'm feeling. You are not alone sister. We are some of the only people left who still like brooks. May I point out, that he never actually said, he doesn't love her, he's just not sure and not ready. Good for him. Like I dont understand how chris and drew are all like I love you so much , let's skip down the beach, let's read poems, sexy time....i'm sorry, it makes me giggle, it's cute to watch (sometimes not even that), but like you said, soooo not realistic!!


Wow I now feel Brooks is the only truly upright and honest person on this show. At first, I liked Desiree and not Brooks but clearly she was after his money, class and education. She clearly had the best chemistry and most in common with Chris, but she went after Brooks and his money. I am happy he dodged this major bullet. Most people cannot decide in 8 weeks whether they want to marry someone. I am disappointed in host Chris (ok now we expect this crap from him) that he tried to claim brooks decision was due to his parents divorce. I hope Chris Harris (or whatever) examines his conscience vs. the money he makes from this show.

@ yikes

Yea! I kinda thought Chris Harrison was a jerk at that moment. (I'm sorry for those of you who are fans). He just automatically assumed that because Brooks didn't know his feelings, that it was some defect on his part due to his parent's divorce. Dude, uncalled for, like obviously this is hard on him. He clearly doesn't want to be the bad guy but now you have to bring that up? But I don't really agree with the whole money thing..and I did think she had the most chemistry with Brooks. He's just unsure of himself, but I can understand his confusion after seeing her with multiple other guys. I am dissapointed that he is unsure of himself because I liked them together and still think they can make it work...but I understand.


Hi Desiree Why are you sending drew home he did not do any thing wrong instead of doing some of the drama he is the right person you need to focus on sending brooks home instead of drew you are not getting get right at this point you are sending a wrong person to go home you need to give drew a chances to stay he nows of lot of romantic more than Brooks is Mislanding you he did not say that he is not ready for a marriage and he is not very ready for it you need to read more of this articals about Brooks he is not right person for you that reason. you just need to understand what you are doing just don't get to upset that is what is happing. From Melissa Ramsay. I need you to trust me for this comments I know want I am talking about you need to use your head more please and thank you.


I only watch this show peripherally. Its my daughters show and i'll do anything to spend time with my kids. They are over 18 and I have expressed these concerns to them!
IMHO~they are all opportunist nudnicks. What is wrong with the people that they do this show "for love"! I mean really? Do they really believe in the space of, what is it 12 weeks? That they will meet all these stable young men or women and (oh, by the way-fall deeply in love and be ready to marry!) and get to really know them with family approvals and all?!?
It's such a crock. Seriously where do the find these weird horney people? All perfect looking, straight white teeth, expensive wardrobes and perfect hair and make up! Yeah, that's real life. None of them overweight and if memory serves...only one in all the series was disabled.
So, there are all these perfect commitment phobic, (yet not too shy for tv) people~and have there been any over 35? All of them being there for the "right" reasons! Ha ha ha!!! Remind me of a bad rendition of Hamlet.

@ Marie reminds you of a bad rendition of Hamlet, huh? Well, anyway, I totally agree with you. Also, from my perspective (or whatever), it pretty much reminds me of a VERY BAD dating show GONE W-I-L-D!!!!! LOL!!!!!

@ Marie dear...your comment/observation really and truly made my day!!!!! LOL!!!!! Marie, I feel like I can share this with you: I once knew this couple who dated for 5 years. Then, one day, they decided to get married. Well, fast-forward to now. Coming up in mid-January of next year (aka 2014), they will be celebrating 25 years of marriage. To me...THAT'S REALITY!!!!! Marie...have a nice day and all. Take care.


Am i the only one that thinks its ridiculous that people are all like "brooks get your act together," "brooks, why don't you love her", "Brooks is sooo immature for not wanting to marry her" "if he doesnt want to marry her now then they are never getting together" Can I just say that is sooo annoying because he's literally been on a one on one date with her like 4 times and has seen her show affection towards a million other guys. I wouldn't be ready to just be like "lets get married and have kids" after that short bit of time with no privacy. And I doubt half the people saying this would feel that way too if they were in his situation. Also, how come its "catastrophic" that desiree loves Brooks and Brooks isn't there yet, but it is perfectly fine if Drew and Chris love Des, but Des is not emotionally there yet?


Its extremely obvious that Des is way more in to Brooks than any of the other guys. Its like she's not even trying to hide it. But I also get the impression that Brooks is just not as in to her as she is in to him. When she told him she was "running", he said he just wasn't emotionally up to speed. Thats a pretty obvious indication that he's not into it right there. It's kind of pathetic on Des's part. If they're not married yet, I dont think they'll ever make it down the aisle.


How could anyone not notice how effeminate/girly Brooks is. And he has bad teeth. Des, pick Drew...he's handsome, smart and loving. Brooks will just break your heart (probably when he leaves you for a man!).


If Des did not pick anyone in the end,i think she should consider Zak.Des you love him enough to visit his family trust me it will not be long before you love him more bcos of his love for you.He is more mature,ready for a family plus it is better to be with someone who loves you more than you love them.GOOD LUCK TO YOU


Hopefully Brooks breaks up with her not too long after the final. Anyone who goes on this show expecting to find 'true love; after 7 or 8 weeks of free vacation with a total stranger,then expects them to uproot their lives deserves all the misery due them. Brooks looks more into Chris than Dez anyway.


After watching The Men Tell All special earlier tonight, some, um, observations: (1) Mikey T. is right about one thing...Brian is a COWARD. (2) Jonathan is such a fucking idiot...I'm so glad that Desiree sent that stupid-ass clown home at the beginning of the season. (3) Ali, Ashley, Desiree and Emily dishing on the fellas was truly KICK-ASS...LOL!!!!! (4) The, um, revelation that Ben's baby mama tracked down Dan in Las Vegas to blab all/spill all about Ben really surprised me...S-A-Y W-H-A-T?!?!? But, that revelation only proved (even more so) that Ben is nothing but a sniveling jackass. (5) And, that Juan Pablo dude sure knows how to wonderfully melt hearts...accent and all...LOL!!!!! Juan Pablo needs to be the next bachelor...PERIOD!!!!! All in all, the Men Tell All special was truly entertaining...LOL!!!!! Peace.

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