Stephanie Redus Arrested For Putting 3-Year-Old Son Up For Adoption on Craigslist

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Just when you thought you'd heard it all, Texas mother Stephanie Redus, 29, was arrested after attempting to put her three-year-old son on Craigslist.


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    She wasn't trying to sell her kid. Could have been a prank.


    she wanted to please paedophiles by selling her kid?


    Judge not lest ye be judged


    Weird. But how is it.any different from putting an.adoption ad in the paper? I see those often.

    @ montana

    I agree completely! She didn't abuse, put the kid in a dumpster, much worse things could have have been done. I would say put her to death if she was selling her kid for was adoption.


    i mean seriously i mean next time give the kid to someone else who cant have children or give it to the people at the adoption....... but really that was just some bull shit that some people should not do!!! would you want someone to do that too you if you where that age or do it to you when you where little i mean if it was me i would have been all like what is wrong with these people...........................................

    @ Bambibug16

    so true how is it different except no one is getting paid.

    @ tcrepar

    There is a huge difference! Adoption agencies do a series of background checks, while this woman was ready to give her child to anyone answering an ad on Craigslist. You people who don't see this as a problem have no morals and are seriously disgusting!


    that was so much a gosh wierd thing who does something like that to a child

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