Shanna Moakler on Breastfeeding: Incestual! Gross!

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Turns out, there's one thing Shanna Moakler hates more than Carrie Prejean.

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    I had 4 children and couldn't get myself to breastfeed. I felt the exact same thing! I give 2 thumbs up to those women who can breastfeed their children. But.....I did try and it felt extremely gross. It doesn't matter if you do or don't - babies are still going to be healthy. I have 4 healthy kids without breastfeeding (19, 18, 7 and 5). It all comes down to what mom is comfortable doing. Women need to not be so mean and start supporting each other! No matter what they decide to do. Women run the world. Men couldn't survive without us! Lots of love to all my fellow mothers out there - Happy (pre) Mother's Day!!!


    Everyone is entitled to their opinion but obviously she is a moron. Breasts on females are not created strictly for sexual use, they were created to feed our babies and it is society who has put them merely into a 'sexual' bracket. Breastfeeding is normal, not everyone does it, or can do it and that's okay but people who do and who do not should not be BASHED for either. People are so ignorant and mindless...


    STupiddd Mom!


    "Shanna, the mother of three, added that she may just be "selfish" and concluded that she's down with others who choose to feed their children in such a manner." She's "...down with others who choose to feed their children in such a manner" but she call it incestuous? Personally, I find her comment exceedingly uneducated and down right rude. AND, it does a great disservice to those who have TRULY been forced into incestuous relationships with family members. Shame on her!!!


    I do not blame her. I feel the same way about people with foot fetishes.


    This is why I believe that some people need to have a license to be a good parent....that woman is obviously a few, more than a few bricks shy of a load!


    I think it's gross when done in public, and shouldn't be allowed, in public, that is.

    @ allsaints45

    Crapping in the street is gross. Breastfeeding a hungry infant is a necessity. But - there are was it can be done discretely, and it should be.


    But it hurts me this person and poor kids who had to live with a mother like that. With this mentality is becoming more harm than the truth ..... This shows the false puritanism existing today in america today.


    I swear people make comments just to get attention. Like she didn't know this statement would be plastered everywhere!!! How does she think women fed their babies before you could go out in a grocery store and buy formula in a can? IDIOT!!!


    Well, I just went from thinking she was a pretty good person and a good Mom, to disliking her intensely! Incestuous??!! I am sorry that she is so selfish, as she acknowledges, because there is no comparison between breastfeeding and giving your baby formula. Breastfeeding is NOT incestuous or gross! It is natural and the healthiest option for every baby! Formula should only be used as a last resort, for Mom's and babies who cannot nurse, not as an excuse to be lazy or selfish. Shame on this woman!

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