Selena Gomez Radio Interview: I'm Single!

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Over the weekend, Selena Gomez provided fans with two updates on her personal life:

  1. She is going to be a big sister.
  2. She is not dating Justin Bieber.

What other takeaway can one have from the singer's interview Friday on Kiss 108's Matty in the Morning, in which she was asked if she were "completely available in every way" if a guy asked her to get ice cream?

Selena's simple reply? "Yep!"

"By the way," Gomez added with a smile, "that would be awesome if someone asked if I wanted ice cream, because that would be cool."

Gomez and Bieber split in late 2012, but rumors of a reconciliation spread last month after she visited him in Norway and the pair were caught kissing.

But the reunion appears to have been fleeting and anything but long-lasting.

So go ahead and smile, Beliebers. Your man is still single.


She is single but not available. So she's pretty much taken..


who cares....about her trobles she young and look like a smut...


So much poise for such a young lady...Masterfully done,Selena...I love how she took each question head-on,and threw in additions only when and where they needed to be...You handle yourself very well in all of your interviews,Munequita...Impressive.
Now that I know where you stand on ice-cream---how do you feel about stepping-out for coffee at Starbuck's?! (LOL!) Just teasing you,Gorgeous!
Later all; Hollywood---Out...


Selena n Justin should get back 2gether again & go on VH1's Couples Therapy.


Now I have gained back my respect for Selena Gomez but she is rather immature and weak for a woman turning twenty one. Why does she go back and forth to that Justin Bieber? She is much stronger and better than that!


You leave Selena alone! She is not immature. She can choose who she wants to be with.


She is single mainly because she is not married. But, she is probably still emotionally attached to Justin Bieber.


Who cares anymore. She goes back and forth with Justin. She is a tease and he is just immature


..............for at least a decade!!

@ abe

Exactly. They are both immature


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