Selena Gomez on Miley Cyrus: She's Beautiful!

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Selena Gomez may not be the hottest woman on the Maxim Hot 100, but the young singer isn't too distressed over her ranking.

She is number-two, after all.

And what does she think of the magazine's top choice, Miley Cyrus?

"She's beautiful," Gomez said Friday's edition of "The TJ Show" on 103.3 in Boston, adding that she doesn't understand why such a list even exists.

So we can compare her and Cyrus, of course! D-uh! Do so now and decide whether Maxim got this ranking right. Who looks hotter?

And the Winner is?

Miley Cyrus or Selena Gomez? Who is actually hotter in her Maxim photo? View Poll »

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hol,a soy rocio me fasina su pagina totalmente de verdad mi fece es rocio vega o sino rocio vegaa este es mi correo para que me envien un mensaje


The problem is the media is always comparing and competing the celebs against each other. Which is so lame. I think. I like both girls they are beautiful in their own way.


I voted for Selena. I like Miley and think she has a good head on her shoulders right now. I voted for Selena because in my opinion she looks better right now. Now don't get me wrong Miley is beautiful... but she kind of ruined that when she went to the short hair blonde hair. Otherwise I would have chosen Miley.

@ Nikki

I agree I know she grew up and did her own thing I just miss her old self so u voted for Selena Billie them both

@ Nikki

I totally agree.


They're both beautiful girls with different characteristics. As for the comment about Miley's hair...such a childish comment. It's hair. You let it grow, you chop it off, leave it natural or dye it's the one thing you can change on a whim and know when you're tired of it you can change it to something else.


Miley ruined her looks with that ridiculous hair style. Selena has my vote!!


Miley for sure ;)


IMPOSSIBLE,THG...There is absolutely No Way that I can choose one over the other on Beauty...They are 2 different people,both Blazing Hot,both Scorchingly Beautiful and Gorgeous! That's like asking to choose between 'Supergirl' and 'Wonder Woman' Both were Extremely Beautiful(if you remember your comics and movies),and Miley and Selena ARE Incredibly Gorgeous,young ladies,for Real! Yet,they are different,and that's Great,too! You see,Miley is bold,brassy,and in-your-face Raw type of Beautiful that's incredibly Sexy! And Selena,is sultry,sensuous,and a mesmerizing,enchanting type of extremely Gorgeous that just does me in! Miley seems more playful,full of mischief and desire,and ready to party. Where Selena appears to be more focused and full of love---just waiting for the right one to share it all with. To me,that is also Equal Beauty---just 2 different types. Then when you throw in the fact that both have beautiful,and caring hearts(Just take a look at what Both Women have contributed in works to charities, disasters and various other venues over the years)there really is only one right answer---There is no choice...SELENA & MILEY are EQUALLY BEAUTIFUL---I don't care What ANY List says...
Now granted,this is How I see them. Everyone is different and has their Own opinion's and views. And they are entitled to them.
However,the above Description of Selena and Miley is how I View these two Gorgeous and Beautiful ladies,and No-One is going to change my mind...They are both majorly Incredible...
Later all; Hollywood---Out...


selena is the best always


selena is the best always


selena is the best