Selena Gomez Dance Rehearsal Video: Come and Get It!

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Selena Gomez is dancing away the drama.

Is she dating Justin Bieber again? Is she single and anxious to be asked out on an ice cream date?

It's all a bit unclear, but this much we know for sure: Gomez is preparing to go on tour and she's taking her fans behind the scenes in the following video.

"Me and my girls back at it in the studio, but with my own tunes this time : )," Selena Tweeted yesterday, adding: "Hope you guys are dancing along. Send us your versions we'll feature some on twitter. XOXO"

You heard her, people! Start moving and shaking and press Play now to see Gomez do the same:

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Good but too short




Selena its me mary you called me on may 20 sorry I didnt answer but I now it was you cause u left me a voice mail and sounded like u so please call back
832 474 8920


The only words that come to mind are: "GOR-GEOUS!" and, "HOT!!!" I Can Not WAIT to see this enchanting Wizard turn-it-out in concert in October,like she does here and in the actual video of 'Come-&-Get-It'! (Though,if the truth be told,I will probably just Pass-Out on the floor of the arena if Selena does-it like she did on David Letterman in April,LOL! I am still having trouble tearing myself away from THAT video! I think I know why she only did it that way the One time: Selena's insurance doesn't cover 'spontaneous heart attacks' and/or 'strokes' when induced by something as volatiley incendiary as she is and was in that particular performance...I'm just sayin'! (LOL!))
All teasing aside,I know for a fact that whichever way Ms. Gomez decides to Rock-the-Stage on this tour---She will be Incredibly, HOT!! And I do not intend to miss a second of it when she hits my hometown of Nashville,in October! Yeah,Buddy!!!
By all means---Practice on,Selena. Though I am not sure you need it anymore. Your moves look quite 'fluid' as it is...
Later all; Hollywood---Out...