Sarah Cook, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Supporter, Tells Us Why Terrorist Heart Throb is Like, Innocent

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Sarah Cook, an ardent supporter of the Free Dzhokhar Tsarnaev movement, explained Monday why the accused terrorist is, like, totally innocent.

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    Okay not all supporters are dumb teenagers.....


    I too, object to this ridiculing of a very serious issue by grossly exaggerating the facts. The bags DID look as if they were of a different color from being slung lightly over the R shoulder of the suspect to being set down at the curb after the explosion. And also, someone took it upon themselves indeed to buy THAT VERY PRESSURE-COOKER and fill it with that powder and shrapnel and found it very difficult to appear as easy as it did on the shoulder of the suspect. Too heavy! It is NOT funny to make light of these inconsistencies. The government has used innocent people as fall-guys more often than we care to acknowledge, it seems, all the evidence to the contrary be damned.

    I guess, not until the death-penalty or life-long prison is proposed for that blogger, in the shoes of the supposed suspect (a 19 y/o boy!), might we get a different answer. Where is our heart? I, for one, am neither a sex-addicted teenager (I'm over 60), but a professional with a lot of degrees and 40 years of experience with people, nor someone anxious to become famous. (I am much too well-known as it is!)

    I, however, take what people call "conspiracy theories" not as lightly as that person. Don't we have, as you suggest, the responsibility to explore this (and the HUGE context) instead of being snippy and dismissive about it? That does NOT mean we can't cry for those poor victims, too!

    I am also a trauma-therapist and, not just with that case, but a lot of people being "tried" for things at the moment: It feels more like our brutal, inhuman government belonging on that stand for abusing these guys e.g. by inhumanly training them to kill and then complaining when they do that all too well and robotically, or exposing others to our illegal terrorizing and wars and then act surprised when people look as if they react the same, or "leaking" information of official wrong-doing.


    to all you "Americans" who believe Dzhokhar did it. You are denying this 19 year old AMERICAN CITIZEN his rights. 1. INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. The feds can't even gather enough evidence to indict the kid. I suggest you all study the constitution and STOP bugging off every lie you hear that comes from the media. What's the point of the constitution and liberal rights if NOBODY stands up for it or even takes it into effect. Go ahead and call those who stand up for Dzhokhar "hybristophiliacs" or "idiots" or whatever for of insult you want. They're more wiser than majority of the US population right now. They don't need to use insulting words just to prove a point.

    @ mika

    I consider myself to be a very level headed person .. One who is a good judge of character with incredible intuition, my sixth sense is my guide. I have not for one second believed that these two had any involvement ( other than fall guys ) who in there right mind would walk around the streets of Boston with a pressure cooker bomb on there back that could with the right movement blow. This 19 year old was bopping around without a care in world. I am not convinced @ all.



    is a paraphilia involving being sexually aroused or attracted to people who have committed an outrage or a gruesome crime. In popular culture, this phenomenon is also known as "Bonnie and Clyde Syndrome"

    -This describes Jahartards to a TEE!!


    @ Billy B

    Immature fool. Need I say more?


    Not even worth mentioning that you children must not pay attention to your 8th grade Civics teacher. They are "demanding proof", LMAO, hey u fukkin ignorant morons, the evidence is presented at the TRIAL his lawyers will have plenty of time to show it. Of course you cant comprehend how the system works. Youre fukkin12.

    What happens when throat-less pleads guilty in 12 days? Then the jahartards will be like "oh they made him" haha incredibly ignorant and uneducated youth in this country such as wakeup

    @ Billy B

    Sure, sure when you don't seem to understand the concept, "Innocent until proven guilty" since you are throwing temper tantrums about how guilty he is. Learn the meaning of: INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY. You can't argue with that.


    @wakeup must be as ugly as Sarah if she's forced to lust after murderers shell never meet. Its sad she can't meet a real guy .

    @ Billy B

    Billy, your comments are amusing. It just shows how immature you are. So what if I think Dzhokhar did not do it? Why's it all of a sudden your problem? Once again, I'll repeat, I think they got the wrong guy. Amidst the panic and chaos taking place on the Bombings, I believe people were desperate to point their finger at someone. There were hundreds of people at the marathon, and in two days, look, Dzhokhar is the bomber! You and all the gullible thick heads, let me tell you something: Those teenage girls who drool over Dzhokhar are useless girls who are slandering the true meaning of freejahar. Don't you seem to understand that it is not girls that support Dzhokhar? That's your only defense, that people support him because he's cute. Don't worry, I'll show you that he's innocent. Eventually the truth will come out.


    you and your tweener army will prove nothing. he will plead guilty on the 30th and be one step closer to frying . at that point you and the rest of the kids will be forced to return to stalking Justin Bieber .

    You're a sick piece of garbage terrorist and I hope you and your family die a slow painful death .

    9am, federal courthouse, may 30. ill be there but you won't. Keyboard freedom fighter

    @ Billy B

    immature is a bunch of 12 yr old girls like you rebelling against society because no one pays attention to you. immature is a child like you not being able to attain a real relationship with a normal male, so youre forced to lust after killers. Youre a sick sick person.

    Its my problem, because i'm making it my problem. So once again, please come to the courthouse on 5/30 at 9am, and show your support for jahar. I fukkin dare you, you little terrorist cu*t whore

    @ Billy B

    Ok, I'll be glad to come and show my support for Dzhokhar! Again, I'm supporting him because he's innocent. I wonder if any of the brainwashed people will ever wake up... Well I hope one day they'll wake up. And again, and again, I must repeat: We aren't supporting him because of looks. That's your only argument, which isnt even close to true. Your comments are getting more and more comical with how stupid they seem. They make my day. I'll be there, supporting Dzhokhar, an innocent man who is set-up by the government and is not even close to a terrorist.



    The problem is 99% of Jahar supporters aren't even allowed to cross the street much less attend a protest. Not to mention your leader Troy is a cowsard pedophile who will NEVER show his face in public.

    I will be at the protest with 6 Boston firefighters, and I am MORE THAN WILLING to go to jail to show you jahar fans how I feel about you supporting the murder of an 8 year old boy.

    So please, pretty please make sure you get that permission slip signed.


    @ Billy B

    Keep ranting Billy, but you make yourself seem immature and disorderly. I'm not supporting a terrorist but an innocent young 19-year-old that is wrongly accused. That's who I'm supporting. I understand, youre angry and grief-strikes, but take a moment to pull away your hate to do some research alright? Just because it's convenient to switch on a TV and watch the lies, or news, does not make it real. I want solids evidence. I've asked people to give me solid evidence. But instead they throw around immature responses and failed attempts at insults, trying to cover up the fact that they don't have evidence. I'm also horrified and sad by the death of a 8 year old, but I don't think Dzhokhar did it. I'd love to show you how Dzhokhar is innocent, if you would let me instead of denying it! #freejahar

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