Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart Split: What Went Wrong?

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It's all over for Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart.

And while one report is rather confident of an eventual Robsten reunion - stating the two are even still living together - an insider tells Us Weekly that multiple "issues" were to blame for the breakup.

Scruffy Robert Pattinson
Kristen Stewart Oscars Gown

"All this stuff came up," a source close to Pattinson tells the tabloid, adding that the actor blew off a party planned by Stewart for his 27th birthday this month.

Was the Rupert Sanders cheating scandal to blame? It played a role, sure.

But the insider says the couple argued about that subject as well as a number of other topics, such as "how selfish" Kristen can be and "how moody she always is."

Rob is apparently "torn" over making up with Stewart, but this mole believes the pair "could get back together."

Do you think they should?


What went wrong was Kirsten cheating...


People should just leave these two be. They may be celebrities but they are still people. They need to work out these problems on their own. If they get back together, good for them, and if they don't thats cool too. All this attention from the media and the public can't be helping.


hollywood is sooo screwed up these days and they are no different then the rest!!!!


You know, they need to be left alone. If they separate it's not the end of the world. Time is best to sort things out & not worry about what their fans think. They'll get over it. Both Rob & Kristin are young & need the space to grow & perhaps down the line they might find each other again.


It bothers me that you use "totes" instead of totally.

@ AlwaysRight

I freaking hate those abbreviated words too...oh well, I guess it's the sign of the times.


They seem to have run their relationship course... They should move on and date other people... Life is too short to be with someone if they make you miserable...


Who cares. He's a mess and she's messed up, and neither one of them is all that talented, IMO.


I don't blame him one bit for not being able to get over her having an affair/relationship. He might have been able to forgive, but he'll never forget, especially when there were pix of the two together.


How about how miserable she always looks. Who needs that crap every RED CARPET. Go back to Rupert.....who cares.


What went wrong? I'm going out on a limb and saying that SCREWING SONEONE ELSE- MAYBE? What's broke is broke and NO DAMN ONE can continue to live in doubt. Can't glue it back together.

@ Clarity

which one? rob has cheated their whole relationship. she slips once and she is nailed to the cross. he does it on every other movie he makes, plus lets not forget ms katy perry. wow, Kristen , she was some friend to you wasn't she? rob, is awful, go back to London, you drunken , no talented bum. oh, wait , you can sing, so you can go back to your dream , singing in bars with your little tip jar. and now, that Kristen got you the job in twilight and you have a career because of her, you can afford that jar. you won't have a career now, because you can't act go back to London and don't forget your tip jar. bum.

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