Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart: Experiencing "Difficulties"

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Over the past few weeks, they've been spotted at Coachella. And he's given her an expensive present. And nary a tabloid cover has teased their break up.

But all it not perfect in the world of Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart, according to a new report.

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart at Coachella

"They are absolutely still together but are having some difficulties right now," an insider told E! News yesterday, adding vaguely that the main source of contention is "priorities."

As in... she wants to work more and he wants to focus on their relationship? Or vice versa? It's not clear.

But it's not hopeless, either. Far from it, in fact.

"They'll be fine," the same mole says of Robsten. "I do not foresee a split, they are just crazy in love. This is just another bump in the road."

Last Wednesday, the couple flew back to California from New York, but they've been taking some time apart in Los Angeles.

"He's been hanging out with the boys a lot, and she's been with her girlfriends," another person in the know shares. "They seem to be living separate lives at the moment, I haven't seen her around at all."

Have no fear, though, fans: a little space could be just what the pair needs.


Rob you said kristen is the onlly one for you so proveit by taking away. And work on your relaationship don't bring friends iam a huge fan of both of you guys


All these stories on the Internet drive me crazy!!!!! From incredible high one day to the ultimate split the next. I'm beginning to think you can't believe one thing you read on the Internet. If there was indeed a fight, I totally believe Rob & Kris will work it out. I've been married for over 25 years and I can't tell you the number of fights we've worked through. That's what people in a committed relationship do.Rob and Kris love each other VERY MUCH and are in this for the long haul. And that my friends I DON'T have to read on the Internet or anywhere else!!!

@ nanci

i totally agree with you nancy and well said !


10 kilometers under 38 minutes on the indoor rower?

@ abe

Go the hell away you freaking over commenting Gargoyle!!! Don't you have a life separate from the laptop? Perhaps not...your only companion is a either a blow up doll or your dog!

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