Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry Hang Out, Watch Random Wedding Rehearsal

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Brace yourselves, readers, for some serious Robert Pattinson and Katy Perry wedding talk.

Just kidding. Sort of.

The celebrities - who have been spending a lot of time together recently, with some reports stating Perry pushed Pattinson to dump Kristen Stewart - were spotted Sunday afternoon in the back of a courtyard at San Ysidro Ranch, People confirms, watching two strangers rehearse for their wedding.

Katy Perry in Sunglasses
Robert Pattinson, Very Close Up

"Katy and Rob were just sitting next to each other watching the wedding rehearsal in the main courtyard area," a source tells the magazine. "There was no PDA between them and no body language that showed they were dating. They just sat together and watched."

Sounds innocent enough, right?

Still, Great Britain's The Daily Mail quotes an anonymous insider who says Katy and Rob's relationship “is getting curiouser and curiouser.”

Do you want to see these two date? Or do you want to see Robsten run it back?

Go ahead and VOTE NOW for the famous couple you most want to see back together.


Robert, U suck!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


rob how can you brake up with the Kristen for a slutt? you and kristen looked good together all you need was some time but now your letting a slutt run your life! not a good idea. but i shouldent tell you how to run your life but i juist hope you pick the right one the one you truly love good luck rod.


hahahahahahaha i knew that ksteweart and p will be in spitville thats good for them onces a cheater always a cheater

@ sara

Kristen shouldn't have fucked her director and split a family up then maybe they would still be together. Even before she cheated I knew this would happen she is such a bad actress how do u think she gets all her rolls u fuck the director.


Damn he is so sexy!


The older Robert gets the uglier he gets


Hate robert pattinson si much go back to london.


He is a drunk loser. His only talent is in a bottle.

@ Renotaj

are you fucking dum rod has an good talent


I wish that robert pattinson would drop dead.he has destroyed me. But what can you expect from a pig.


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she must be waiting for me to arrive at her adress?

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