Rihanna Thong Photo: Just TAUNTING Chris Brown!

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Looks like Rihanna is showing Chris Brown what he's missing.

NOTE: What he's missing is one sexy, sublimely toned ass.

Rihanna Ass Photo
Chris Brown Likes It

Sometimes, a girl's gotta wear shorts so small that her thong hangs out. Pretty standard. That image is one that could be quickly seared into male brains.

Which is probably her intent, though the extent to which Chris Brown has one is unclear. Rihanna, who's filming her new video, loves to cause a stir.

She didn't name any names, but we're gonna guess one Instagram follower in particular was the intended audience for this image. Or maybe two.

Drake's following her on there too nowadays.


Some one pay me on http://www.5spot.ca and ill run in traffic screaming something of your choice hahaha, yeah agreed cb all the way


team chris brown


Wow i like chris brown and ririe they make a great couple


considering he hit her, I'm on team ri ri! but riri showing him what he's missing isn't going to help!


Omfg talk about throwing up this is fucking nasty why on the earth wo uld she do that .that is nasty but I think Chris and riri is a perfect couple TEAM CHRIS BROWN


Bt still yet she is de best,i cherish dat song so much dis redemtion song she is de best nd will alwys be;)


I completely agree with the comments that have been said about how risqué rihanna is but ppl need to remember where she came from and all u need to do is look at the outfits or lack of for the Barbadian festivals she grew up in a different culture I had an old fm who was half Colombian n they have a different view on wats acceptable and appropriate especially when it comes to their sexuality


Im sick of hearing about this trailer trick. No good man can make a garden tool a girl friend , mother or wife. If I was a man this bitch or no trailer bitch would meet my children, mother or father. That would not happen. This bitch is trash.


Well like i said she is still growing i tried to help her in the beginning.by the way hope all my fans bought tickets to my Mrs.carter tour from:Bey p.s. much love for fans no i do not worship the devil etc.


Whether hers or not, it was a poor choice to post and at least once the venom of many of fans set in she took it down. I think because she rarely gets chastised for her behavior, she thought people were going to applaud her again for being a bad girl. And it backfired. I like her, but she needs to take time away to grow. She's supposed to be one of the top selling female artists and should be above this. When a majority of commenters on blogs are calling you vicious names, it's time for a re-brand.

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