Report: Brooke Mueller Placed on Psychiatric Hold For Self-Proclaimed Mafia, FBI Connections

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In early May, Brooke Mueller was placed on an involuntary psychiatric hold, while the twins she shares with Charlie Sheen were taken away from her.

And now we may know why.

Brooke Mueller on the Street

According to TMZ sources, a man in the company of Mueller at her home called 911 and told an operator that she assaulted him.

When authorities arrived, Brooke was clearly in another (likely substance-related) world, rambling about her connections to the mafia and how she was working with the FBI to "bring" Sheen "down."

The four-year olds were home at the time, which prompted police to call the Los Angeles Country Department of Children and Family Services.

Due to an open case with the agency, officials stepped in and placed Mueller on the three-day hold.

They then took her to UCLA Medical Center, with sources confirming Adderall as the basis for Mueller's breakdown.

Yes, that's the same drug Lindsay Lohan apparently cannot live without.

Which ought to be a bigger sign than ever that you need help, Brooke. Really. Do you want to have anything in common with Lindsay Lohan?

Bigger mess:


too much crack smoke, sucking the devil d***k, stopp it.,


so this is the big news


Classic case of a woman with the world at her feet ruining her life by falling for a dick-head. Part of me wants to say serves her right.


How come Sheen does not go to jail for getting his wives on drugs, because hes rich right ,he uses and thats a fact, why cant the police do something about this ahole.


I have a great deal if respect for Denuse Richards. She obviously has a big heart.


I have the solution to all of their problems. The first offense they are warned. They second offense, they're careers are taken from them for a time in Hollywood meaning that they can't take a script or show until they clean up and a third offense, they are booted from Hollywood and never work in the town again. That will shape them up. I think Hollywood needs to restructure how they do things with all of these spoiled rotten brats.

@ Basha

That sounds good. But I don't even think that would work. There wouldn't be anyone left in the movie industry.


They're both a mess. It would be impossible to say who's worse; Lindsay or Brooke. It's truly sad the twins were taken from her. What selfish people do drugs, destroy their lives and those that they love.


She's crazy. But I would probably be to if I was with Charlie Sheen. Don't surprise me cause he's a drug addict as well. Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller, Lindsey Lohan, Janelle Evens, and Amanda Bynes should be put in a room together with a bunch of drugs and let them have it. Come back 30 mins. Later and see who's still alive. My bet is none of them. They are all crazy and a waste of oxygen on this planet.


If she doesn't get off the drugs she will be the next person we hear about that was found dead. She needs to think about her children and stop all the foolishness.


Just by looking at that picture, I can tell that something is wrong with her already.

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