Prosecutors to Lindsay Lohan: NO CHANCE You're Leaving Rehab!

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Having been cut off from Adderall and already talking about an escape from the Betty Ford Center, Lindsay Lohan's pleas are falling upon deaf ears.

Prosecutors are basically telling her to go kick rocks.

Waste of Space

Lohan had always said being allowed to take her precious Adderall was a deal breaker as far as treatment goes. No ADHD meds, no rehab for her.

Betty Ford allows it, whereas some other places don't.

As a result, she chose Betty Ford ... however their doctors have since concluded that she does not actually need the drug and have taken it away.

Now she's "going crazy" as a result of that decision.

The star has researched other rehab centers and found one on the west coast which she feels is suitable to complete her court-ordered 90-day stint.

Lindsay Lohan feels Betty Ford is "too old school" and is not "sensitive to the problems of young people" ... i.e. permitting them to abuse unneeded meds.

Officials must approve any rehab venue change as a condition of her plea deal, however, and are not going to oblige the recalcitrant hot mess here.

Especially since she jerked them around twice before.

As a TMZ source put it, "She had 45 days to find a suitable place. She didn't listen to her people and just did what she wanted so it's her problem now."

Translation: Go pound sand, Linds.


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Gem , : Lindsay is not interested in being at the Ford rehab. She is probably looking for a place where she can get her fix..If she wants to leave the place, then jail should be her only other option.


It is very common for these celebrities to abuse Adderall for weight loss purposes which is what she is doing. She is not taking it for ADHD. I was prescribed Adderall so I know from experience that Adderall works for weight loss but I stopped taking it because it made me too skinny, I could not eat, and it interfered with my sleep. I started taking a natural Adderall substitute instead called Addrena which mimics the effects of Adderall such as fat loss and enhanced cognition from the nootropic smart drugs that are in it. I think she could benefit from a natural Adderall substitute and maybe she won't be as crazy either.


She's a lost ... Why comment


Addiction to anything makes liars and manipulators out of us. I know first hand. She needs to get un-hooked. It's not easy but she can do it with some tough love. She needs to tough it out.


let's see how naive & hypocrite americans are!!

@ abe

Dude...I totally agree with Nikki and Tori. And, seems to me that you do nothing but put down and bash America aka The U.S.A.. Dude...NOT COOL AT ALL!!!!! So...cut it out already!!!!! And, Nikki and Tori...take care ladies. And thank you.

@ abe

Please shut it. So tired of hearing your dumbass comments about Americans!

@ Nikki

I'm tired of hearing Abe's comments period.


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