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All the new cars from Transformers 4 are being showcased this week. It's beginning to feel less like a movie and more like a car show.

The latest car to get a makeover for Transformers 4 is Bumblebee. The car is a modified vintage 1967 Camaro SS.

Take a look:

Transformers 4 Bumblebee

Mark Wahlberg, Stanley Tucci, Nicola Peltz and Jack Reynor, and Kelsey Grammer star in the fourth installment of the action series, which will launch a brand new trilogy.

Michael Bay will once again direct the film, which will come out June 27, 2014. 

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Questions have arisen over the force Miami police officers used on Memorial Day when restraining a 14-year old named Tremaine McMillian.

McMillian was reportedly fighting with another teenager in the water when cops told the boys to cut it out.

Upon being asked to point out his mother, McMillian allegedly refused to cooperate, with Detective Alvaro Zabaleta telling a CBS affiliate:

"When he started to leave the beach area, officers had to get off their ATVs to detain him. He had closed arms, clenched fists and pulled his arm away."

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Having gone hours without slamming another celebrity, Amanda Bynes just went off on Perez Hilton.

Big time.

Earlier today, the celebrity gossip blogger dared to write that Bynes was jumping on a trampoline at Sky Zone in Buffalo, a fact corroborated by an employee at that facility.

But the actress took exception to such a claim, at first writing "THAT'S NOT ME" on her Twitter and letting loose:

Amanda Bynes Twitter Pics

“@perezhilton no one wants to s**k your d**k! Stop living! Kill yourself! I look sooooo much better than the girl you hired to look like an awful cheeky version of me! So I’d say F*ck You but no one wants to! I just say keep living in your sh*tty existence leaching off of stars who you look, sound, and act nothing like!”

So... yeah. There's not much else to say about Bynes at this point.

Britney Spears, hurry up. This woman needs your help.

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The final Monsters University trailer has dropped. Watch it below:

The animated Monsters, Inc. prequel takes us to college, where Mike and Sully meet on their road to becoming scarers.

Billy Crystal and John Goodman return to voice the two monsters.

Steve Buscemi, Helen Mirren, Nathan Fillion, John Krasinski, Bonnie Hunt, Dave Foley, Sean Hayes, Joel Murray, Peter Sohn, Aubrey Plaza, Tyler Labine, Bobby Moynihan, Julie Sweeney, Alfred Molina, Beth Behrs, and John Ratzenberger also lend their voices.

Monsters University premieres June 21.

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Evelyn Lozada pulld a Nina Agdal this week.

The Basketball Wives star and ex-wife of Chad Johnson accepted a prom invite from a Michigan resident named Anthony Nelson this week, posting a photo to her website that makes it clear the two had a lot of fun.

Evelyn Lozada Prom Pic

“Anthony’s entire family and friends came by his house to see him off to prom and it was amazing, he even bought me a corsage!!!" wrote Lozada, who never attended her own high school prom. "I’ve never had a corsage! You guys don’t understand how HAPPY I was!!”

Sources also confirm that Evelyn paid for dinner and also provided transportation for the duo: a tricked out Denali. Not shabby at all.

Just keep Lil Twist away from it.

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There was a simple and shocking fact lost amidst the the controversy of Adam Levine saying he hates the country:

Sarah Simmons and Judith Hill are no longer contestants on The Voice. They were surprisingly eliminated on Tuesday night's results show.

The Voice Singers

And while both women were upset over the outcome, they told E! News soon afterward that Levine may have been even more distressed.

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A new Man of Steel featurette has arrived, featuring interviews with the cast and crew.

Hear about how such a "comic-booky" character was translated into a modern, real-world setting. Check it out:

Zack Snyder directs the film, which reboots the Superman franchise and acts as an origin story.

Henry Cavill stars as Clark Kent, who transforms himself into Superman after Earth is attacked.

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What in the name of functional family life is going on with the Lohans?!?

First, reports indicate that Lindsay is acting like a model patient in rehab, attending counseling sessions and admitting she has a few issues to iron out.

  • Dina Lohan in Sunglasses
  • Michael Lohan Sucks

Now, sources tell TMZ that Michael and Dina Lohan actually met for dinner last night at the W Hotel in Hollywood… and they actually made nice!

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Miley Cyrus and Snoop Lion have more in common than a love of marijuana.

The artists also share credit on "Ashtrays and Heartbreaks," a track off Snoop's "Reincarnated," and they've just teamed up to release the official music video.

It features both Miley and Snoop singing against their own reflections, while also blowing out some smoke between verses. What else would you expect from a song with such a title?

Watch the video now:

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