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A Farrah Abraham reality show is on the way.

But, wait, it gets worse. Or at least not better.

LeAnn Rimes has confirmed to people that she and husband Eddie Cibrian are "doing a TV show based on our reality," though it does not yet have a title or even a network.

LeAnn Rimes, Eddie Cibrian Image

"We'll take things out of our lives and elaborate them and make them funny," Rimes said. People have been laughing at us – we want them to laugh with us!"

Brandi Glanville, of course, has never laughed in any way when it comes to Rimes.

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If this is what we can expect when Heidi Klum kicks off her America's Got Talent judging career on June 4, count us in!

A pair of topless women jumped on stage yesterday during the Germany's Next Top Model finale and protested the presence of Klum as a panelist.

It's unclear why, but female had painted Heidi Horror Picture Show on her chest, as scene/censored here:

topless protest

Security intervened before the women got to Klum, and the show continued as scheduled, but if this was all some kind of marketing ploy for Tuesday's AGT premiere, we say:

Well done, NBC. Well done.

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Who says healthy recipes must taste disgusting?

Okay, a lot of folks do.

But the good people at Chopped set out to combat this myth last night, as four contestants competed on a special episode: all had recently shed a great deal of weight and all were out to prove that you can eat well and still be very satisfied.

Choppde People

Using ingredients that included dried goji berries, dinosaur kale and passion fruit puree, the impressive quartet got to cooking.

Who whipped up the best appetizer, dinner and dessert? Visit our friends at Food Fanatic now for a full Chopped review!

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After entering in silence, Philip Seymour Hoffman recently checked out of a treatment facility and admitted that he spent about a year battling a major drug problem.

The Oscar winner tells TMZ he fell of the wagon with prescription pills and eventually started doing heroin.

Philip Seymour Hoffman Photograph

But the star - who battled substance abuse in the past, yet had been clean for over two decades - recognized the escalating issue and checked himself into a detox center on the East Coast.

He was there for 10 days, left on Friday and is already back to working on a film in Europe

Hoffman credits "a great group of friends and family" for helping him seek assistance and will next be seen in Catching Fire. We wish him the best of luck wit his recovery.

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A young woman named Monica Amestoy has filed a lawsuit against United Airlines in which she alleges that a male passenger was permitted to masturbate right in front of her on a flight last year.

The incident took place when the now-18-year old was flying back to Los Angeles from a high school debate in New York.

United Airlines Pic

During a press conference last night, Amestoy explained that the guy was sitting across from her when he pulled out his unit and that flight attendants - alerted to the self-pleasuring situation - did nothing to stop it.

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American Idol is minus another judge.

With Randy Jackson having official resigned his post and Jennifer Hudson reportedly on the way, Mariah Carey made it official today:

She has left the series after one season.

American Idol Season 12 Promo Photo

“W/ global success of ‘#Beautiful’ (#1 in 30+ countries so far) @MariahCarey confirms world tour & says goodbye 2 Idol,” read a message from Carey’s publicists PMK-BNC that the singer re-Tweeted shortly thereafter.

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Forget the reckless driving charges.

Forget the new baby daddy accusations.

Forget that booing at the Billboard Music Awards.

Justin Bieber got away from it all today and focused on what really matters: Family. It was his kid sister's fifth birthday and let his nearly 40 million followers know it.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY @JazmynBieber!!! I love you! #HappyBirthdayJazzy," Justin Tweeted, later adding the hashtag #familytime.

Justin Bieber Up Close

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Now THIS is how you market a movie.

Steve Carell appeared on Ellen today for an interview, only he wasn't actually Steve Carell. He was Gru, the lovable villain from Despicable Me and, of course, Despicable Me 2, which comes out on July 3.

Watch the actor stay in character, talk about Starbucks and then make his way through the audience in the following clip. Dancing, of course. Dancing like only Gru can:

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Kate Middleton who?!?

Kim Kardashian what?!?

One of our favorite actresses has briefly stolen the pregnancy spotlight by announcing she's expecting baby number-two.

“It’s pregnancy awareness month. So you should be aware … that I’m pregnant! Yup,” Autumn Reeser wrote on her website, Move Lifestyle. “Baby number TWO is on the way and due at the end of November. We’re thrilled!”

Autumn Reeser Pregnant Pic

The actress, forever beloved for her role The O.C. and who will next be seen on USA's Necessary Roughness, is already mother to son Finneus James, who just celebrated his second birthday.

Reeser married husband Jesse Warren in May 2009.

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