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What's crazier than McDonald's claiming it does not sell junk food?

How about Burger King coming out with an apparatus that allows one to eat a Whopper without using one's hands?

Yes, the chain debuted such an item this week in honor of its 50th anniversary in Puerto, giving away 50 hands-free holders to customers in that U.S. territory.

It's unclear whether or not the extremely useful and necessary tool will make its way to the States, but here is a commercial for it:

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Larry Birkhead may soon be laughing all the way to the bank.

A federal judge ruled this week that Dannielynn - the six-year old daughter Larry had with the late Anna Nicole Smith - may be entitled to as much as $49 million due to sanctions from the estate of E. Pierce Marshall, the son of Anna's ex-husband, J. Howard Marshall.

Not as Cute as It Seems

The judge found "massive discovery abuse" in Marshall's legal battle against the deceased model and has ordered his estate to pay up as punishment.

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Guillermo Del Toro thinks it's important to ground a giant green-screen movie in some realistic, terrestrial mechanics.

As such, he built a real, working robot cockpit for his actors to be jostled around in mercilessly. I'm sure they appreciate the realism.

Learn all about it in the new Pacific Rim featurette:

The movie takes place in the near future, after Earth is attacked by giant monsters that emerge from the sea.

In order to combat them, the humans build a series of giant manned robots called Jaegers.

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This video is both hilarious and incredibly touching.

When a toddler named Luiz Antonio is served octopus gnocchi, he begins to engage his mother in a series of questions about the meal.

Was it ever alive? Where is its head? And why would we kill animals just to eat them?

"I don't like that that die," he says at one point in the translation below. "I like that they stay standing up."

Watch now as his mother is eventually brought to tears by her caring son - and send along some vegetarian recipes to the household! They may needed in the future.

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This just in: Jessica Simpson can really sing.

Lost amidst the failed reality TV and fashion careers of this star - as well as talk of her pregnancies and large breasts - is the fact that Simpson possesses some of the best pipes out there.

And she always has, as a new viral video reminds us.

Simpson Tweeted a performance of herself from a high school production of "A Chorus Line" last night, including with it the caption “The ultimate #tbt” and giving us a fun look back at where the talent all began:

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The critics have spoken... and the After Earth reviews are far from good.

But one positive has come from this epic fail of a film: the world was introduced to Stephen Baldwin's 16-year old daughter, Hailey Baldwin, on the red carpet of its premiere this week.

And with Alec Baldwin's daughter Ireland having already made news by kickstarting her modeling career last month, the battle for family supremacy is clearly on.

Compare the cousins now and decide: Which would you rather... see pose for a photo?

And the Winner is?

It's a battle of the Baldwins! Which young beauty would you rather take home tonight? View Poll »

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So, World War Z is definitely a zombie apocalypse movie.

It's based on a novel title World War Z: An Oral History of the Zombie War.

But this World War Z clip, which shows the whole thing going down, looks a lot more like a disaster film. Zombies can cause explosions now!

Watch the new clip below:

Brad Pitt stars as a U.N. worker who must leave his family behind to travel the world and seek a cure for the zombie pandemic.

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According to a new report, not even his own team can handle Justin Bieber these days.

With the singer under a great deal of scrutiny due to yet another reckless driving accusation, sources tell Fox News that those around the singer have given him advice on how to best to handle this situation.

Justin Bieber Concert Still

“People are afraid something [bad] will happen," a source says. "Justin has been sternly advised by his team to stop driving, get a driver. But he’s not listening.”

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From breakfast items to summer snack ideas to recommendations on which Kitchenaid artisan stand mixer to purchase, it's been a busy week at Food Fanatic.

So take a few minutes below to stop wondering why Justin Bieber can't slow down and consider the following kitchen suggestions from these experts...

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