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Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton are on the rocks again, according to a new report, and Sheryl Crow's guest role on The Voice may be to blame.

Miranda Lambert and Blake Shelton Together

“Despite being married, Miranda and Blake are like ships passing in the night,” a National Enquirer source says of the problems they're having.

“Between their touring schedules and public appearances, they’re actually together only about 50 days a year. That’s no way to run a marriage."

"Suspicions and jealousies creep up between them.”

Speaking of jealousies, Blake's decision to have Sheryl Crow come on The Voice as his team's guest mentor has further caused a rift with Miranda.

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Tim Tebow has been offered a job with the Omaha Beef, although the Nebraska indoor football team makes no guarantees about him starting.

Hey, you gotta see how he looks in workouts first.

T. Tebow

Just the same, they're willing to open their checkbook for the recently-released New York Jet. If Tim signs, he can expect a sweet $75 per game.

Beef assistant general manager Andrew Mather said Tuesday he doesn't expect to hear back from Tebow's agent, but he thought it was worth asking.

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The family of Adam Holland, a Tennessee man with Down syndrome, is suing over a photo of him that has spawned a derogatory Internet meme.

Adam Holland Photo

The photo of a teenage Holland holding up a piece of art during a class at the Vanderbilt Kennedy Center in 2004 did not make waves until last year.

That's when modified versions of the family's Adam Holland photo that included defamatory messages began popping up on numerous websites.

In an attempt to quash the widespread use of the altered image, Holland's family filed a $18 million lawsuit last week against several online sources.

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Miley Cyrus has made major news this week by scarcely saying a word.

The star has simply posed for a pair of racy Elle UK covers, first going braless and then topless.

But Cyrus does do some talking in the following video, which takes fans behind the scenes of these photo shoots, as Miley poses for various shots and talks about her excitement over finally reaching a British audience.

What makes this young superstar so "rock n roll?" Click Play now and find out:

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A series of photos from Vivid's newly-acquired Farrah Abraham sex tape have been released, and the Teen Mom star definitely does not hold back.

What she lacks in brains, accountability and class, she makes up for in ... well, CEO Steve Hirsch wasn't wrong when he said she's uninhibited.

Farrah Abraham Sex Tape Image

The 21-year-old initially denied starring in such a tape, then denied it was made for public consumption ... until co-star James Deen exposed her plot.

He exposes a lot more than that in the video, apparently.

Check out many Farrah Abraham sex tape photos after the jump ... a bunch of them are like what you see above, but others are very much NSFW:

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Might Jennifer Lawrence and Nicholas Hoult be running their romance back?

The Oscar winner was spotted at dinner this week with her ex-boyfriend, chowing down with him Monday night at the Little Door in West Hollywood.

Jennifer Lawrence on the Red Carpet

And even though the couple split in January, a witness says they were cuddling up close and dined late into the evening.

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Amanda Bynes has upped the sexy quotient with her latest Twitter pics.

Maybe she wants to show Drake what he could he getting right now?

Adding to our library of Amanda Bynes Twitter material, the "retired actress" posted some racy mirror selfies Tuesday in an undisclosed bathroom.

Take a look:

  • Amanda Bynes Twitter Selfie
  • Amanda Bynes Underwear Photo

While her body looks great, don't tell that to Mandy. Bynes tweeted, "About to put on makeup! I weigh 135, I've gained weight! I need to be 100 lbs!"

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Lindsay Lohan is set to enter rehab Thursday, supposedly, but the troubled star is still living in denial and making the most of her freedom beforehand.


According to reports, Lohan spent Monday night at The Bitter End (fitting), a New York piano bar credited with giving Lady Gaga her start back in the day.

LiLo rolled in 9-10 deep to watch some of her pals perform at the venue.

The star reportedly sat quietly at her table for roughly three hours and - hope you're sitting down for this one - didn't consume a single drop of alcohol.

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Hugo Avalos-Chanon, a 41-year old employee for Hugo Avalos-Chanon in Oregon, was killed Friday when he tumbled into a running blender at a meat-processing plant.

killed by blender

The Clackamas County Sheriff's Office confirmed the passing, saying paramedics and law enforcement officials were called just prior to midnight and found Avalos-Chanon's stuck in the machine, as a worker could not press the emergency stop button in time to save him.

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