Nina Agdal Subs For Kate Upton, Goes to Prom With Jake Davidson

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Jake Davidson, the L.A. teenager who famously asked Kate Upton to his senior prom, landed a solid consolation prize in Danish supermodel Nina Agdal.

Nina Agdal and Jake Davidson

Agdal was the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit edition's 2012 "Rookie of the Year." She's also the hot, bikini-clad girl on the beach in those Carl's Jr. ads.

And last night, she was Jake's prom date. When Kate Upton, 20, couldn't go due to a conflict, Nina, 21, contacted him asking if she could instead.

How awesome is that?

Davidson's prom intivitaion video earlier this year has now tallied more than 2.6 million views. The beauty was charmed by the proposal and accepted.

She couldn't do it, though, because of her schedule. That's when Jake's mother, Cheryl, said Agdal got in touch with her son after he was turned down:

"Jake was waiting to hear from Kate and when Nina heard about it, she said 'If Kate can't go, I'd like to go' because she never got to go to her prom."

Agdal wore a softly draped halter-top gown in moss green to the prom held at the Annenberg Community Beach House in Santa Monica, Calif.

"This prom has been incredible," he said in an interview. "Nina Agdal is like so down to earth. Really cool, really nice. It was a great day. I really enjoyed it."

Maybe someday, after Jake is also famous, this will be added to our gallery of celebrity prom photos!


I just hope that the kid's standards go down a lot when he's looking for a wife. Saying that you asked Kate Upton to prom, got turned down, and offered a replacement really doesn't make you girl material though. It just makes you look shallow because you didn't even ask a girl who goes to school with you. I bet there was a girl who wanted to go with him, but he was too involved trying to get Kate to go with him. Selfish much? And why can't celebrities do these things for less fortunate kids, like any from Make A Wish, instead any kid who can throw together a cheesy YouTube video or a corny Tweet?

@ Lindsay

You make a valid point.

@ Lindsay

Shut up

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