Nikki Sixx Calls Out Kim Kardashian for Tornado-Timed Bronzer Tweet

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Not long after last night's devastating Oklahoma tornado tore through the town of Moore, Nikki Sixx posted an ad for Red Cross relief on his Instagram account.

A short while later, Kim Kardashian also took to the Internet, sending a very different message to fans:

“Love that I can gradually build the perfect bronzed glow I want with #Kardashian Sun Kissed Tan Extenders," the reality star wrote/shilled.

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Kardashian Baby Bump

In response to this case of very bad timing and judgment, the Motley Crue rocker addressed Kim with the following comment/question:

“Pick your priority or pick your poison. Pretty embarrassing screenshot Kim. Aren’t your 15 minutes up?”

Of course, it's very possible Kardashian was not aware of the tragic event at the time.

It's also possible that she pays an intern to Tweet for her.

It's even conceivable that we can forgive Kim for such a move because she's so worried that Kanye West might be gay.

But to answer your question, Nikki: We can unfortunately confirm that, no, Kardashian's 15 minutes may very well last for 15 years.


Right on, Nikki! That "fame whore" makes me sick.


She's in PARIS. It was the middle of the night. Those tweets are TIMED. She woke up & tweeted about. Why is everyone so pressed over her? Get lives


I forgot Nikki Sixx was a man which pisses me off now. U mean to tell me this poor excuse of a man took the time to mess with Kim and she's pregnant must be cuz he has no real life of his own. Only a punk would tweet a women about her tweet like Kim has to do what he wants. Since he's so heroic I'm sure I'll see on the news all the Millions he's donated to Oklahoma

Cheryl lambert avila
@ jules

I totally agree with you. its his chance to get back in the news because no one cares about him anymore.

@ Cheryl Lambert-Avila

@jules + @Cheryl DISAGREE Nikki Sixx does plenty for charity - he is heavily involved in charity- keeps kids of the streets with the children of the night charity and also takes part in the NO H8 campaigns and also work with animals and all he is doing is trying to get the public to donate to the redcross to help the people affected by the that a crime???? Wake up!!!!! And Kim being pregnant has nothing to do with it before you open your mouth have a reasonable arguement against his comments...... and yes he is heroic.... his doing more then Kim is to help Oklahoma.... get your head out of kims massive ass.
Nikki Sixx doesnt care about being int he news.... unlike some C grade celevrities.

@ Kim Sixx

If he had mentioned other celebs that hadn't tweeted right away either I would have said that this guy is sincere. But he chose to point only to Ms. kardashian which made me suspect of his motives. He needed to be in the news and he sure got what he wanted. He didn't need to worry about what a woman whose 15 minutes are up making an impact- right( he knew exactly what he was doing and it was dirty play..


Kim I believe is in Paris and probably didn't even know what happened and if she did that doesn't mean she can't tweet what she wants. Kim did send the tornado and who is she to talk about timing. I was here in NYC and didn't realize what happened until 12:00 am cuz I was busy and I was on the Internet and I wish someone would tell me about being insensitive when we all have different concerns problems and situations not saying u don't care or feel empathy u just didn't know


Feel sorry for her, she's disliked by so many!


She's a fucking pig!!!!! Self center stuipd twat go away please!


Wow!! Why is he worried about what Kim is tweeting? She is in Paris and was probably not aware of what was going on! Cheap shot!

Cheryl lambert avila
@ MB

Because people of jealous of her and will take any cheap shot they can.


Wow, plugging your own self tanner while OK is dealing with a major tragedy? Her greed is never ending. That's a new low, even for that trashy whore.

Cheryl lambert avila
@ Jessica

considering she was in Paris in a different time zone I seriously doubt she even knew. I didn't even know till 7pm last night because I was busy watching my DVR shows. Get a life.


His 15 minutes are up, that is why he had to put her name in his mouth, the woman is in Paris, 6 hour time difference, she probably didn't even know. Funny how out of all the celebs that were tweeting about music, movies, and other products he chose Kim, because he knew that would get his heroin addicted a** 15 min, Sad fool, people are so dumb, everyone was on twitter tweeting about different things and promoting different things, but he chooses her, and of all people she was not even in the US to know what was happening. The drugs have eaten away at his brains, and Abe, stop hopping from blog to blog spewing your filth, you are a piece of trash just like that addict.

Cheryl lambert avila
@ Shannon

AMEN, I think anyone who has some common sense can see right threw him. Piece of crap.


what a self important pig

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