NeNe Leakes Slams "Train Wreck" Brandi Glanville, Defends "Veteran" Teresa Giudice

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NeNe Leakes is not one to hold back.

In Bravo's recent Watch What Happens Live: NeNe One-On-One special May 5, The Real Housewives of Atlanta star dissed several other housewives.

Chief among them? Brandi Glanville and Melissa Gorga.

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Brandi Rules

NeNe told Andy Cohen the following:

"Brandi's just a train wreck. Just a wreck. Just a wreck. She's just off the chain, she's off the hook [with] a lot of the things that she has to say, just so talkative."

Glanville, NeNe went on, has "a lot of stuff that she needs to not say. She thinks she can get in people's faces and say whatever she wants to say."

She added that if Brandi would just give up the wine, things might improve: "I like her when she's not drinking. Brandi and drinks don't work for me."

You'd think they'd have a kinship as women who both tell it like it is ... but apparently not. Leakes says B needs to just shut her yap sometimes.

As for Glanville's co-star and BFF, Lisa Vanderpump: "She's looking really thin," NeNe said. "That's probably because of the Dancing With the Stars thing."

The outspoken Atlanta housewife and The New Normal star also said she dislikes The Real Housewives of Orange County cast ... in general.

"I don't connect with them, most of them, for some reason," Leakes said. "I almost want to recast Orange County. A couple of them are quite boring [and] can go!"

The Atlanta standout does, however, like Orange County's Vicki Gunvalson and The Real Housewives of New York City cast member Ramona Singer.

"Vicki is the boss, Ramona is the boss, I'm the boss," Leakes said." All of us are original housewives and we have a work ethic that is very different."

"All of us work our [asses] off."

Leakes often takes issue with women who join the show in later seasons, particularly Melissa Gorga, who she says is riding sister-in-law Teresa Giudice's coattails.

"I feel for Teresa because there's something about being the first one in," she said.

"When you're the first one in on one of these shows and somebody comes behind you, it's sort of like, 'Hold on, you need to respect the veteran."

"I was here first. You need to play on my territory.' So I kind of sided with Teresa in that area. Melissa, you came on her show. So you watched her on TV."

"You want to be on TV now too. Girl, take a seat! You're not a veteran."

Overall, NeNe said The Real Housewives of N.J. is her favorite cast.

"I like Jersey," Leakes said. "I just think they're such gangstas. I love them. They're so entertaining, but you know what? They're getting a little too nasty."

Do you agree with NeNe's assessment of the Housewives?


NeNe really thinks she's a star. I wish the media would stop referring to these reality people as "stars". They are not stars, they haven't paid the dues and earned the right to be called a star. NeNe is very impressed with herself. She will find that fame if fleeting especially for a 45 year old reality personality. There are two sides to the "veteran" thing. One you were there first,'re old and tired and nobody cares to see you anymore. She really isn't all that, and if she wants to do interviews she should brush up on her English skills.

@ Tired of NeNe

Totally agree about Nene. She is a legend in her own mind. Also it seems that Andy Cohen has a gay man's crush on Nene and he gives her carte blanche to say whatever ignorant and mean-spirited thing she chooses. Particularly vile was the unbridled attack on Sheree Whitfield and her negative comments about other franchise housewives. Cohen gives Nene a national platform for her butchered English tirades. Shameful.


Yes, Brandi is a train wreck, but she has a right to be and it's okay. It's pretty obvious what she went through shattered her sense of balance. It may have been awhile, but sometimes it takes a long time to get back to "normal" after an earth shattering situation. The gangster comment is just tacky and stupid....the only one who is acting "gangster" is NeNe.


You forgot her total dislike for Sheree... She called her "just evil". I have to agree with her on that issue. I always thought Sheree was a superficial b*tch. But I like the Orange County show best so please only recast Alexis... another superficial b*tch. Thank you!

@ Kimberly

If you read alot of the blog comments.. The people viewers really want off that show are Tamara and Gretchen

@ Abby

I'd like to see Heather off the show. She treats people like children-her husband. AND she wants to 'run' a restaurant! :o

@ jerri

Ithink Nene is right, Brandy is a train wreck.She is expecting people to be sorry for her when she was the one that introduce another woman in her relationship.

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