Miranda Lambert Tears Up During Tornado Relief Concert Performance

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Miranda Lambert broke down on stage last night while performing as part of the Healing in the Heartland: Relief Benefit Concert on NBC.

Introduced by husband Blake Shleton, the country superstar could scarcely finish her rendition of "The House That Built Me."

With tears welling up, she stopping singing at one point and mouthed "sorry" to the crowd at another.

Profits from the event went toward the United Way of Central Oklahoma May Tornadoes Relief Fund and you can donate by texting REBUILD to 52000.

Watch Miranda's moving tribute now:

Shelton and Usher also performed a duet on the telethon. Waitch it here:

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Moving and touching


Oh for crying out loud. Can't anyone think of anything nice without tearing down someone or something. Blake and Miranda are good singers, or they would not be working all the time, and making the money they have. If it isn’t someone’s thing, then don’t knock it for the rest of us. As for Carrie Underwood, not one person on this board knows what is in her heart, or what she may have had to do, when the concert was given.
Way to go Blake, and Miranda too!!!


No Carrie Underwood that slut


ilike moves


I don't think it matters who wasn't there, those that were showed Oklahoma tornado victims they care by raising money to help. At least they showed the victims more respect than our wonderful President who couldn't even remember the name of the town hit. These poor people have lost everything so any act of kindness goes a long way.


They could have picked better artist for the benefit......Nuff said!


A great place for Carrie. She isn't country.. She can scream with the big boys now!!

@ McKay

that's all the got .singers who suck big time

@ McKay

the artists volunteered. I am not a big fan of either,but I do understand why Miranda chose to sing that song.nothing wrong with her doing that.I watched it and it was a good show.she sang my favorite song,she has done. it reminds me of home,not just the house,but where it stands.the house is in her heart. she sang it for her homeland.

@ Myra+Robinson

Her homeland is texas she lives with blake in Oklahoma


I dont understand why sing sang "the house that built me" that's about going back to the house you grew up in after years of not being in it. That doesnt make since since there homes were gone by the tornado. So its kinda dissing them


no kardashians were involved in this event

@ abe

Again, Shut the fuck up Abe!


upto I looked at the check saying $4771, I did not believe ...that...my neighbour was like actualie earning money part time at there labtop.. there uncles cousin haz done this for only about 16 months and at present repaid the debts on their condo and purchased a gorgeous Lotus Carlton. go to,

@ amanda

Is this the only place or way you can advertise for free? This is nothing but bullshit, damn get a life. Oh and while you're at it learn correct grammar and how to spell. Such as "there" means place and "their" means belongs to a person. All else fails use spell check it works wonders and even knows grammar to.