Minka Kelly to Star in 50 Shades of Grey?

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Is Minka Kelly the perfect choice for the role of Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey? She's the latest sexy actress to be rumored for the coveted part.

The former Friday Night Lights star has supposedly caught the casting director's eye, which is not a shock given her gorgeous eyes, lips, and body.

Can she act well enough to command that kind of part, though?

Minka Kelly Fashion

Her FNL role gives her plenty of cred, as it was one of the best shows ever. But she also hasn't done all that much since, beyond date Derek Jeter and be hot.

There are also a ton of other names under consideration for Ana Steele, some of whom bring more star power than Minka, and others who bring less.

Minka may be the kind of girl every guy wants, and every girl wants to be, but is that enough when it comes to a movie part of this magnitude?

You tell us: Minka Kelly as Ana Steele?


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No way Minka is in the running. Alexis Bledel is a much better choice. Minka is too old and she's a terrible actress. Sorry guys, but being slutty enough to pull off a hardcore S&M scene doesn't automatically make her a shoe-in for the role.


Whoever says she'd be a good fit clearly has not read the books.


Would be a terrible choice! She's too sexy. Too old. Too dark. She's gorgeous but does not fit the role.


Absolutely not. She is far from Ana!


Um she's just a suggestion around the web just like every other brunette. Minka is TOO OLD to play Ana, too tan and too sexy. They'd never cast her.


anyway: PINK was never her collor.
I don't get it why not?


Nothing is wrong with the lady Minka, but if they're talking about an actress who can play the part as a sexy female then I think they should choose Megan Good! That's what I would call sexy and she's a great actress! Take a look at Megan again I think.


ppl voting probalby havent read the book Anastasia is Pale,Thin,Long Dark Hair,Bright BLUE eyes and Innocent Minka doesnt fit this description and her voice and acting skills are Horrid.The girl from the sisterhood of the traveling pants and Matt Boomer or Ian Someholder Are Perfecto