Michael Jackson Housekeeper: Witness to Wade Robson Molestation?

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A housekeeper who once described seeing Wade Robson in the shower with Michael Jackson may be the key to the former's claims of molestation.

Robson, 30, recently accused Jackson of sexual abuse in a claim against his estate, then defended himself on Today, calling Michael a pedophile.

Wade Robson, Michael Jackson

Blanca Francia's testimony during Jackson's 2005 child molestation trial included a graphic account of MJ showering naked with a young Wade Robson.

Francia described seeing Michael's underwear on the floor outside the Neverland Ranch shower, as well as Wade's child-sized neon green underwear.

She said she couldn't see exactly what the King of Pop was doing in there because the shower door was fogged up, but said she heard him laughing.

Despite Francia's story, Michael was acquitted - in no small part because Wade himself also testified and insisted Jackson never abused him.

That's the opposite, of course, of what he is claiming now.

Robson is planning to argue that the late icon's companies, MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, had a duty to protect him when he was a young boy.

Because they were involved in recruiting him from Australia to work with Michael - who he says abused him from ages 7-14 - they are liable today.

According to TMZ, Wade wants to use Blanca's 2005 testimony to show Michael abused him, and hope that she will cooperate in his new case as well.

Robson has been hammered by MJ's former attorney Tom Mesereau, as well as Michael's nephew Taj Jackson, his ex-wife Debbie Rowe, and others.

Michael's camp says Wade is obviously changing his story now because he's motivated by money, and point to his moving 2005 account - under oath.

Wade says he understands this, but is adamant that he's not lying now.

“I never forgot one moment of what Michael did,” he said. “But I was psychologically unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse.”

“I lived in silence and denial for 22 years," Robson went on, noting that he suffered nervous breakdowns that nearly ended his career two years ago.

"In order to heal, I have to speak the truth and speak the whole truth."

You tell us: What do you think of Wade Robson's allegations?


Wow what overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing!!! The maid heard the shower running, Michael laughing and she saw two swim trunks on the floor. Really???? Two persons pantless in a shower? Since when is showering with a minor considered child molestation. This is absolutely ridiculous!!!


If Robson wants to sue and say all money he is suing for goes into an escrow fund to be disbursed to a charity. Such as a charity to help abused children, then I would believe him 100 pct. But to sue without benefit of the defendant would set a new precident in trial that could be very uncomfortable. Imagine someone suing you after you die, and winning. Where would it ever end?


I can't believe it


................just talk to Debbie.


I think he could be subject to PERJURY charges for giving a false testimony under oath if he's changing his story.


If he only wnats teh truth out, dont ask for money and that will mean from him that he only wants the truth out.
If an adult house keeper witnessed and allowed a kid to be abused by Micheal Jackson or any one else and is now coming out with it as the truth, but did nothing should be held accountable. How disgusting of you Mr or Mrs Housekeeper!
The love of money is the root of all evil right? Yep it is!Since the housekeeper is still alive and parents are perhaps still alive, why not seek retribution from them as well as rake thier lack of character over the coals afterall, this was a kid then!


There's a very special place in Hell for opporitunististic Animals like Wade...hope he's ready for it too....because that bastards is,going with gasoline drawers and socks on!


How does Wade think the housekeeper's testimony will help him? She clearly said she couldn't see what was going on! Wade, go get a life and stop this nonsense. Suing MJ now that he is dead and can't defend himself is despicable. If something did in fact happen, you shouldn't have said it didn't...UNDER OATH!


Justice/truth was never brought out in this case because he was famous. It's a little Kate for justice at this stage of the game. Where we're his parents...spending Mjs money I suppose .


is this the same housekeepter who sold stories to tabloids? is this the same housekeeper who committed perjury in 2005 trial by admiting under cross examination that she never saw any clothes of ANY boys except the ones their own mothers gave her to wash? is this the same housekeeper who stole from Michael Jackson? is this the same housekeeper who Michael sued along with a few other thieving employees and WON in that lawsuit? Oh.. i thought so. A liar asking another liar and proven theif to support his story .. oh hmhm.

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