Michael Jackson Housekeeper: Witness to Wade Robson Molestation?

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A housekeeper who once described seeing Wade Robson in the shower with Michael Jackson may be the key to the former's claims of molestation.

Robson, 30, recently accused Jackson of sexual abuse in a claim against his estate, then defended himself on Today, calling Michael a pedophile.

Wade Robson, Michael Jackson

Blanca Francia's testimony during Jackson's 2005 child molestation trial included a graphic account of MJ showering naked with a young Wade Robson.

Francia described seeing Michael's underwear on the floor outside the Neverland Ranch shower, as well as Wade's child-sized neon green underwear.

She said she couldn't see exactly what the King of Pop was doing in there because the shower door was fogged up, but said she heard him laughing.

Despite Francia's story, Michael was acquitted - in no small part because Wade himself also testified and insisted Jackson never abused him.

That's the opposite, of course, of what he is claiming now.

Robson is planning to argue that the late icon's companies, MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures, had a duty to protect him when he was a young boy.

Because they were involved in recruiting him from Australia to work with Michael - who he says abused him from ages 7-14 - they are liable today.

According to TMZ, Wade wants to use Blanca's 2005 testimony to show Michael abused him, and hope that she will cooperate in his new case as well.

Robson has been hammered by MJ's former attorney Tom Mesereau, as well as Michael's nephew Taj Jackson, his ex-wife Debbie Rowe, and others.

Michael's camp says Wade is obviously changing his story now because he's motivated by money, and point to his moving 2005 account - under oath.

Wade says he understands this, but is adamant that he's not lying now.

“I never forgot one moment of what Michael did,” he said. “But I was psychologically unable and unwilling to understand that it was sexual abuse.”

“I lived in silence and denial for 22 years," Robson went on, noting that he suffered nervous breakdowns that nearly ended his career two years ago.

"In order to heal, I have to speak the truth and speak the whole truth."

You tell us: What do you think of Wade Robson's allegations?


too bad for wade the maid admitted the story was untrue
during the trial she admitted she was paid $20,000 by a tabloid to say she saw michael in the shower with wade
and also said she didn't see anything so wade can keep dreaming


Franca was proven to be a liar and and yet another extortionist. The other Neverland staff called her out on her lies too. Indeed she testified under oath in her deposition that she never witnessed anything. But that tabloid money tasted sweet so she made up her story. She's another one in a long line of parasites who'll do anything for money. She made up the story and Wade refuted it with tenacity & testified under oath on the stand. It's because of this geedy woman that he is now lying - she already got paid by tabloids for the lie - so he thinks he can turn it into a truth and get paid too. He know's she's morally and probably financially) bankrupt enough to back him up. Hell - if she cashed in - why shouldn't he? That's why he's waited til now - because Michael is not in a position to defend himself. Robson is a liar, a coward and a plain nasty human being.


First off, in her deposition in 1994, Blanca Francia said she saw only one image behind the shower door - that of MJ. Since he was laughing she assumed that there was someone else there but she did not see any other figure except MJ. Ten years later, at the 2005 trial, Francia suddenly remembered the story "so well" that she added some fictional details to it. However, Tom Mesereau quickly refreshed her memory about her previous deposition. So in 2005, Francia was blatantly lying. There was also a picture of the shower that showed that Francia could not have seen anything even in theory as even when the door was wide open, you could not see the shower except for perhaps a very small part of it. In addition, she admitted under oath that she had been paid by certain media outlets for her story. Secondly, if he is suing MJJ Productions and MJJ Ventures on the grounds that they failed to protect him, then why does he not appear to have taken any action against his mother considering that she had more of a responsibility for his safety than any of the other parties being sued? After all, his mother continuously approved, trusted, and defended Michael and his relationship with her son in her testimonies in 1993 and in 2005 during the trial. If Wade is to be believed, then I’m sure his mother’s continuous approval, trust, and defense of Michael and his relationship with her son (even after Michael was accused of and investigated for child molestation in 1993, because what responsible parent would allow his or her child to associate with someone accused of child molestation unless he or she knew that that person was innocent) helped make it possible for the alleged abuse to occur thus showing her to be an unfit parent and thus making her culpable for Wade's alleged abuse. Even though Wade's mother may not be liable considering that he is now an adult, she's still culpable for his alleged abuse. Even if she were to now say that she said the things she said in Michael’s defense for reasons other than it being the truth, not only would she have perjured herself (destroying her credibility just as Wade has despite the fact that the statute of limitations has run out), but she’d still be culpable for her son’s alleged abuse. Forgive me if I sound naive, but if Wade's mother can't be held legally accountable for his alleged abuse, I'm curious to know why can parties like MJJ Ventures and MJJ Productions be held responsible considering that it was through Wade's decision (with his mother's approval and acceptance) to personally associate with Michael outside of the confines of his business relationship with the pre-mentioned parties that he was allowed to be made vulnerable to any alleged abuse by him? Anyways, if Wade truly wants to make those who were responsible for protecting him answer for their alleged failure to do so, would it not make sense for him to take at least some kind of action against his mother? In my opinion, if Wade is being truthful about not making his accusations for money (as he alleged during his interview on the Today Show - despite the fact that, as previously said, he filed both a creditors claim and a civil lawsuit) and wants to hold the parties who were responsible for protecting him accountable for his alleged abuse, then the fact that he's not placing blame where blame is due in regards to his mother is very telling of what his true motives are in my opinion.


Im just a student who has just finished her secondery exam.
And Not only me, a little child can also understand that MJ is totally innooceent, a man who has been supporting charity all his life, he wud hurt a child??? N-e-v-e-r!


Mr. Jack$on is dealing wth a higher-power in shich he can't lie., so let him rest in peace case-closed., come back later / don't call us we'll call u!


Bitter old woman why must you make the world a unhappy place ,shall I lay my head upon a stone as the cold shivers down my back ,as I look up to the sky beyond no man why must the world be a land of no promises ,no hope?.


You only have to check the FBI files as well as the court transcripts from 2005 to see that Jackson was no child abuser.
His former housemaid Blanca Francia has demonstrably made false statements in the past. During a deposition under oath she even admitted that she NEVER saw Jackson under the shower with a boy. She even told the media that Jackson "bleaches his skin because he does not like being black and he feels that blacks are not liked as much as people of other races". However, you only have to look at the autopsy report to prove that this is completely false because Jackson suffered from vitiligo and didn't bleach his skin.
If you check the current accuser Wade Robson you can quicky find that statement from him: „ […] This time though, I really don't care if I'm hurting anyone. The only two people who matter in all of this is Britney and me. I don't care if I'm going out with a reputation as being a "girlfriend stealer" or "celebrity whore". Doesn't matter to me. Any press and publicity you give me is good for my career and pads my pockets.”
Of course, he stated that in another context, but you can clearly see what is important to Robson: money and publicity.
It is so sad and unethical that such a forum is provided to them!!!


The maid/housekeeper or whatever she wants to call herself and Robson are both nothing but money hungry idiots and just looking for a way to get money from MJ. They both will say and do whatever they have to in order to get from Micheal's company/kids. This needs to be stopped before it goes any farther. He had breakdowns after twenty years my ass. He very well could have had a breakdown but definitely not because of anything Michael did. He's getting near the end of his career and needs money to live on once it's over. Gods I hate lying money hungry thieves which is exactly what these 2 are.


It seems to me that this Blanca Francia chick is a money-hungry opportunist who is always looking for an easy way to get fast cash/fast $$$. In short...HOUSEKEEPER MY ASS!!!!!


Every single news story is forgetting to mention the one truth in this new subject (the maid)!!!!!! The maid sold the story to tabloids for a ton of cash, yet when asked by the authorities she reversed the story and said he did nothing wrong. She was even planning on blackmailing Michael by saying that he molested her child if he wouldn't pay her money. When this story came out people offered help to the child yet the child didn't really understand what was going on and was assured that Micheal didn't do anything wrong to him.

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