Michael Girgenti Threatens Kourtney Kardashian: I'll Sue!

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Michael Girgenti refuses to give up.

The model - who has been making tabloid headlines since first alleging that he's the true father of Mason Dash Disick in 2009 - has resurfaced and is featured in the latest issue of Star.

And he's not gonna take it very much longer!

Mason Dash Cover Story

Girgenti has supposedly penned a heartfelt letter to Kourtney Kardashian in which he begs her to get a DNA test.

“This is Kourtney’s last chance," Girgenti tells the tabloid. "My next step will be to take her to court and sue her for a paternity test.”

Sources claim that Kourtney recently broke down and admitted to Scott Disick that she's "not absolutely certain" he's the dad, but Girgenti is looking for more.

The poor guy says he's "tired of not knowing if Mason is my son" and wants "the constant wondering to end."

So, with that in mind, we'll make this short and simple for you, Michael: Mason is not your son. Sorry. But someone had to say it.


Crazy! he claims Mason's eyes look like his, dream on. The model has small slitty eyes whereas Mason's are large with long lashes, which is definitely Kourtney's legacy.The shape of Mason's jawline is Scott, and Mason has the Armenian swarthy coloring. Mason does not look Italian at all.He looks more Armenian with some of Scott's looks and Jewish heritage.Most healthy babies have chubby cheeks. Nice try!!


Anyone who is with Scott Disick Is clearly not a good decision maker. Courtney always acts like a cold heated weirdo . It's a no no brainier that this kid is not his ....
When she did her big "I'm going to get with a Lezo" show ... What a loser and an the most least sexy Lezo act on record


I was on production Scott is definitely not the father it is not possible Scott's scenes were added later it was a patched up arrangement by mum Kris. She was seeing more than just Michael as well. Sooo definitely get the test done Michael. Let the KKK PR crew say you are only in it for the money and attention..please it is worth knowing. Mason looks nothing like Penelope or Scott that is such BS!


"The Sick" again?


Pls it's obvious scott's his father they look so alike the model dude just wants attention


This just in from a family of gypsy whores



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