MET Gala Fashion Face-Off: Madonna vs. Beyonce

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It's a battle of one-name icons in our latest Fashion Face-Off, as Madonna and her lack of pants takes on Beyonce and her incredibly long train.

Indeed, these musical superstars walked the MET Gala red carpet last night in opposing looks.

How do they match up against other attendees such as Kim Kardashian, Miley Cyrus and Kate Upton? Against each other?

Compare. Contrast. Try not to barf over Madonna. And vote now!

Fashion Face-Off!

No pants versus a long train? Do you prefer the look of Madonna or Beyonce at the 2013 MET Gala? View Poll ยป




i hate you


Madonna....You're so sexy Queen


Madonna wins, hands down! She respected the theme and she looked amazing hot, especially for a woman who is going to turn 55 this year!


I am sorry but this is kind of dumb. I vote for Madonna, why? Because as THG fails to tell you the theme of the gala was "Punk" So please explain how Beyonce's , yes gorgeous gown looks very punk? Also I dislike sites that report news or gossip with catty and rude opinions such as " Try not to barf over Madonna" You obviously want or think Beyonce should win even though she really missed the theme of the gala.

Jeannie buxo

It's plain to see, Madonna , the Queen, topples them all!



@ Dawo

why do u like madonna men


Madonna! The only one!


I think alot of people vote for cunt Beyonce.
I vote for madonna because she hasn't a chimp as husband and is a pretty hard working HONEST woman who knows all the inn's & out's of the industry.

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