Mariah Carey Suffers Wardrobe Malfunction, Curses on Good Morning America

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Ah, live television and Mariah Carey.

As many American Idol viewers found out this season, these can make for a dangerous combination.

During an appearance today on Good Morning America, the singer first complained about being awake at the early hour of 8:30.

She then suffered a mini wardrobe malfunction when the back of her Donatella Versace popped and her handlers scrambled to keep her breasts in place. Watch Lara Spencer try to work through the craziness now:

Later, Carey awkwardly held her mic pack as she crooned "Always Be My Baby and then grew frustrated enough during another mishap to yell: "Oh s--t! You didn't hear that."

Sorry, Mariah, we did. And somewhere Nicki Minaj is laughing her glitter-covered rear end off.


First of all, it appeared to me as if that whole "wardrobe malfunction" was staged. She has turned into the most self-absorbed artist that I have seen in a long time. She was bad enough on American Idol with her tight dresses and having to go on stage to sprinkle whatever on whoever, but up and down those stairs for each of her what, three songs, her dress so tight she needed help getting down them. She is just awful. I hadn't seen her in a long time and didn't realize how bad she has become. AND, please don't tell me to "f" myself. I have a right to my comment like everyone else.


why do you think her nickname is "Miscarriage CAREY"?

@ abe

Abe? Go fuck yourself.

@ abe

Really??? Did you just make that up? I have NEVER heard anyone refer to her as "miscarriage Carey" and on top of that, its pretty rude considering she actually did have a miscarriage about 3 years ago. Insensitive, and I bet you think you are clever.

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