Mariah Carey and Nicki Minaj Confirm American Idol Departures

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American Idol is minus another judge.

With Randy Jackson having official resigned his post and Jennifer Hudson reportedly on the way, Mariah Carey made it official today:

She has left the series after one season.

American Idol Season 12 Promo Photo

“W/ global success of ‘#Beautiful’ (#1 in 30+ countries so far) @MariahCarey confirms world tour & says goodbye 2 Idol,” read a message from Carey’s publicists PMK-BNC that the singer re-Tweeted shortly thereafter.

“Mariah Carey is a true global icon — one of the most accomplished artists on the planet — and we feel extremely fortunate that she was able to bring her wisdom and experience to the American Idol contestants this season,” noted a joint release from FOX, FremantleMedia and 19 Entertainment.

“We know she will remain an inspiration to Idol hopefuls for many seasons to come.”

Are you sad Mariah is leaving American Idol?

UPDATE: Farewell to Nicki Minaj as well. She just Tweeted:

“Thank you American Idol for a life changing experience! Wouldn’t trade it for the world! Time to focus on the Music!!! Mmmuuuaahhh!!!”


hi so nic pic


i love you nicki


No more of her and Nicki Minaj fighting. It was entertaining at first. But, later it became annoying and boring at the same time. I'd say the same about "American Idol" too.




Mariah Ok. Minaj sucks, Luv Urban!!!!!!!


glad she is leaving. I have come to dislike Mariah. she is very stuck up, snobby and that is hard to take as we all came out the same place and will be going back the same way. I still love nicki. she was truthful and she is not embarrassed where she came from. you go girl.


A pity some of those millions Fox spent on these useless judges couldnt go to the contestants .


Hate to see Mariah leave she's extremely talented as well as beautiful and a good judge. She didn't try to cut the contestants down or make them feel bad she gave them helpful criticism. Wish Randy wasn't leaving too he and Keith both were good judges. As for Nicki Minaj the show is so much better off without her. She has the nastiest attitude of an entertainer than I've ever seen. She has this opinion she's so much better than anyone else.


Good glad they are both leaving. They ruined the show completely. Two Losers....One Biotch and one loves to touch herself.


Now if the bum Keith would leave... maybe they can get some real judges... not these people who want their ugly mugs on TV.

@ McKay


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