LeAnn Rimes Sends Brandi Glanville Mother's Day Flowers, Gets Dissed as Twitter Feud Continues!

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Sometimes, bygones will never be bygones.

Sending Brandi Glanville Mother's Day flowers only resulted in another diss as LeAnn Rimes' feud with the reality star shows no signs of abating.

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As a peace offering of sorts, Rimes sent The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star a bouquet last weekend ... only to receive a passive-aggressive reply.

On Twitter, natch.

"I thanked @leannrimes on twitter 4 my flowers," she wrote. "Our relationship is that we still don't even say hi at baseball. I don't have her number. That's it."

To hear LeAnn tell it, she didn't even get that much.

Rimes responded, "This was actually the first acknowledgment of my gesture I was made aware of," she wrote. "I didn't see anything else sent to me."

She also made a cryptic reference to "how twisted" things can get. "It never ceases to amaze me," she tweeted. "As you can see, I don't 'put up' w/ it."

Seems like she puts up with quite a lot, but that's another topic.

Mother's Day, not surprisingly, is a touchy subject for the rivals.

Rimes' involvement in Glanville's sons' lives - she married Brandi's ex, Eddie Cibrian, and his stepmom to their two sons - has long been a sore subject.

"I don't think we'll even be friends, but I hope we can coexist peacefully," Brandi Glanville said of the singer to Access Hollywood earlier this year.

"Once she has a child of her own, I think she will understand boundaries and what's respectful to do and how to handle things a little better."

Whose side are you on in this festering feud?


In my posting from May 16, the beginning of the posting should have read what in the. Once again...MY BAD!!!!! Peace.


Leann Rimes has turned her one time successful music career into a pathetic social media fueled joke. After destroying 2 families with her brazen adultery she (and her whore husband Cibrian) are reaping what they have sown. The only difference is that Rimes clearly paid off her 1st husband to keep quiet. Cibrian is such a second rate actor, he is unable to do the same for his ex. Rimes hasn't had a hit song in years....performing in small casinos and other lounge-style venues. Her life & marriage are an embarrassing fodder of tabloid trash. She only has herself to blame.
All this for the "love" of Eddie Cibrian? Gawk how pathetic! Rimes can now look forward to karma arriving in the form of Eddie's continuing promiscuity. The price her career and pride have fallen for this pig-man, is just sad.


Brandi is a bitter woman! ALWAYS bitching about something! She will never be happy.


How old are they ?? Brandi needs to stop being a bitch all the time a man dont stray unless hes unhappy it was nice leann sent flowers Grow up already move on !!!


You're both trash.!


Buzz Kill you're right beauty is only skin deep and ugly is to the bone. Now I'm wondering where the hell beauty is on Brandi since the bitch is ugly inside and out. LeAnn realizes and she's trying for the sake of those two boys. BTW she doesn't have to piss that bitch off she stays that way. What LeAnn expect is to show those boys she's trying to be decent to that ugly silicone whore. She wants everyone to feel sorry for her stupid ass yet she takes no pity on anyone. Her thoughts and actions are I can do and say anything I want but don't you darn thing you can. Sooooo very glad Eddie got away from her and hope he will eventually get his boys away before she turns them into hateful men.

@ Ms+Billie

Huh? How do you conclude Rimes to be "trying" with her step-sons? As a mother myself, I'd be highly offended by Rimes "bonus" mom horsesh*t among numerous other faux pas. In terms of ugly inside & out...you must have your vision checked. The former model Glanville has a long, leggy body to die for. She is in her 40's & fit with an above average face. Rimes on the other hand has definitely a horsey appearance with terrible veneers too match. Coupled with squinty eyes & flared nostrils, Rimes is one homely woman. The truth is Cibrian fell in love with her money, which afforded his lazy azz the chance to really do nothing but live off Leann's ca$h. I personally believe this knowledge is one reason Rimes behaves so bizarre.
I have a friend who works for a tabloid. She confirms that Rimes routinely calls the "rags" when she & her slug-hubby have their turn with the boys. This shameful behavior all but assures her future heartache....especially as these boys grow-up & become aware of their "bonus" Moms meddling & intrusions.
Rimes would serve herself well by removing herself from all forms of social media. She must then actually remove herself from "watching" her philandering hubby & get her butt into a studio. She needs to write some decent material and collaborate with a musically relevant artist. Perhaps some of their "shine" might rub off onto Rimes & reinvigorate her floundering career.
Your comment on hoping Cibrian gets the boys full-time shows a lack of understanding. Rimes & Cibrian call the tabloids and you wish this on the innocent boys full time??? Fortunately the law does NOT favor such behavior...even from has-been, country western tabloid stars.


both are flakes and has-beens. Who cares..


What is the HELL is wrong with Leann Rimes??? Leann should have known that, by sending Brandi those flowers on Mother's Day, it would do nothing but piss Brandi off...which it did. What did Leann expect...seriously??? Bottom Line: On Mother's Day, Leann should have left Brandi the hell alone!!!!!


The same & worse can be said about LeAnn. Sending Brandi flowers on Mother's Day was meant to needle her & fan the flames. LeAnn reminds me of an old saying........'Beauty is only skin deep but ugly is to the bone!'


I wouldn't bother with her LeAnn. She is just a publicity seeking piece of nothing. Don't take no crap off of her and ignore her

@ McKay

McKay you are so right Brandi is what I call a publicity tramp. She's not worth wasting anyone's time over.

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