LeAnn Rimes Pregnant? Not So Fast …

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LeAnn Rimes is not pregnant, people. We repeat: Not true.

Brand Glanville, breathe. And put down the Chardonnay.

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In the wake of a video surfacing online of the country star seemingly affirming that she is with child, the 30-year-old's rep says, again, that she is not.

If it sounds familiar, that's because it pretty much is.

Back in February, rumors surfaced that Eddie Cibrian got LeAnn Rimes pregnant, while the star herself quashed the speculation again in March.

Nothing in April, but that's three of the last four months! Twitter and the celebrity gossip tabloids really believe these two should reproduce, it would appear.

Maybe soon they will take a hint. Sheesh.


Please leave us alone. We're trying, because my wife thinks I'll stay faithful to her if she has my baby. (She doesn't know what a turnoff it is to see her gina the size of a basketball.) She's not pregnant, she's barren.




No one believed that Leann was pregnant and with Leann's mental issues no one believes that she and Eddie should have a baby. Leann was tweeting about drinking getting drunk with her assistant 4 days ago. That means that the source of these pregnancy stories is Leann Rimes. She is trying to promote her album release with rumors about being pregnant. x17 is on Leann's payroll. She gave them photos from her iphone before she posted them to her twitter account.

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