Chris Kelly Dies; Kris Kross Rapper Was 34

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Chris Kelly, one half of 1990s pop duo Kris Kross, was found unconscious at home and later pronounced dead at an Atlanta hospital on Wednesday.

Kelly (below, left) was 34 years old.

Kris Kross

An autopsy is planned before the official cause of death is announced but there is some speculation. A spokeswoman for the Fulton County police said:

"It appears [Kelly's death] may have been a possible drug overdose."

Kelly's cause of death has not been officially confirmed at this time.

Kelly and fellow rapper Chris Smith shot to super-stardom with the release of their 1992 hit "Jump." Their big gimmick was wearing their clothes backwards.

They were just 13 in 1991 when they were discovered by music producer/rapper Jermaine Dupri while performing at the Greenbriar Mall in Atlanta.

Dupri's label, So So Def, signed the boys and launched them to stardom. Back in February 2013, Kris Kross reunited for a long-overdue performance.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Kelly's family at this time.


And by the way? Who in the WORLD is Chris Kelly?!


Who wears their carharts backwards?

@ Basha

That was their thing. They wore all their clothes backwards...


As a kid, I used to listen to these guys a lot


So which one is Chris Kelly & which one's his partner?


Just my opinion, but I believe the illuminati got to be too much for him to live with....that's why he offed himself.

@ My Two Cents...

Seriously dude, sounds like you are just as whacky as the rest of the looneytoons breeding conspiracy theory's, get over yourself dude lay down the crack pipe. Unlike you I am mourning the loss of someone I used to listen to as a child and growing up with this rap group got me through some really tough times growing up so if you cant be polite please dont say anything at all.. OH and the Illuminati doesnt exist.

@ Doesnt matter who I am

I agree with everything you said. My daughters used to love Chris Cross & I remember their music well. But to the guy you responded to, no the Illuminati does not exist! But even if it did, what in the world would make you think Chris Kelly was part of it?????

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