Kourtney Kardashian on Kim Touring with Baby: How Selfish!

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When it comes to Kim Kardashian weight critics, Khloe Kardashian has her sister's back... and front.

But when it comes to Kim's plan to take her baby on tour with Kanye West? Kourtney Kardashian can't say the same.

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian

That decision has “seriously irked Kourtney," an insider tells Radar Online. "She thinks it’s very selfish of Kim to take the baby on tour with Kanye. Babies need stability, and a schedule, which will be very hard to do when changing time zones and hotel rooms."

And Kourtney should know! She has two children.

Adds this source:

“It’s also potentially dangerous to the baby’s health because of their developing immune systems. The drama between the sisters is being filmed and documented for the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kourtney just doesn’t think Kim grasps the huge change that will happen once the baby is born.”

These sisters often fight and will be fine in the end, according to Radar. But will that be true of the young child?!?

Sound off now: Should Kim take her newborn on tour?


ANYONE that says YES THAT SHE SHOULD GO either A) doesn't have a child yet or B) Has a whole FLEET of Nannies! & I must add that Kourt is soooo right on this! I realize that ultimately it is NOT HER CHOICE - & I'm sure she knows this - but this is just a BAD BAD NAIVE DECISION!!
She will see once she has that baby! Ha! Talk about ROCK HER WORLD! That girl thinks she's in pain NOW - OMG Just wait! She thinks she is PUT OFF NOW?! O this is gonna be pretty FUNNY to watch! (Sad too though - for the baby)!!! Kanye - she will chase u to the ENDS OF THE EARTH!

@ Jenny+Rose

How come Kourtney did it with both her kids. Mason was an infant when he did Kourtney and Khloe take Miami. Then she took Penelope to Miami(as an infant) to do Kim and Kourtney take Miami. They kept Kim from having a child with Kris. They kept Kim from chasing Kris and now they are trying to do it with Kanye. She is their money maker and they're scared. Kourtney isn't even close to Kim what does she care? There are people who raise kids in impoverished nations and somehow manage to do it. I think this baby will have a great life.

@ Jenny+Rose

I hope the absolute best for them but this is hollyweird so let's keep it real, this relationship should not have gone past the pregnancy test! Kanye will never be happy no matter what just look at him! He's always got this constant sour crout face :-( and in turn she's not happy either, always doing xyz to be around his,schedule. It's only going to build resentment after a while. And soon they will be nothing more than Co-parents to this baby. And Kanye will probably make a rap album about it called "A misKimmunication" that's my prediction for the say....

@ My Two Cents.....

My comment below is meant for u! Sorry I mixed up the names! This site is a bit hard to get used to! Thx for your TWO CENTS.....sooooo true! :)

@ Jenny + Rose

No problem! :-)

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