Kourtney Kardashian on Kim Touring with Baby: How Selfish!

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When it comes to Kim Kardashian weight critics, Khloe Kardashian has her sister's back... and front.

But when it comes to Kim's plan to take her baby on tour with Kanye West? Kourtney Kardashian can't say the same.

Kourtney and Kim Kardashian

That decision has “seriously irked Kourtney," an insider tells Radar Online. "She thinks it’s very selfish of Kim to take the baby on tour with Kanye. Babies need stability, and a schedule, which will be very hard to do when changing time zones and hotel rooms."

And Kourtney should know! She has two children.

Adds this source:

“It’s also potentially dangerous to the baby’s health because of their developing immune systems. The drama between the sisters is being filmed and documented for the upcoming season of Keeping Up With the Kardashians. Kourtney just doesn’t think Kim grasps the huge change that will happen once the baby is born.”

These sisters often fight and will be fine in the end, according to Radar. But will that be true of the young child?!?

Sound off now: Should Kim take her newborn on tour?


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I also find Kanye's behavior very curious. He could have very easily postponed his tour until the baby is older. It's not like the guy is hard up for money. Just another example if him putting his wants ahead of Kim & the baby. And yes a newborn's immune system should not be exposed to all the germs & bacteria that goes with traveling. Kanye is a selfish ass.

@ Gunnergal

That is a silly thing to say. They have bills to pay just like everyone else. Both of them can't stop work.


It is up to them why is it that every mother fucker got something to say. Get a mother fucking life u gossip whores. You don't have one and u want to be in somebody else life. Close your big ass mouth. Kim sister need to be the hell quite. Her life not that cute how she do baby daddy. U want to be clean whore.

@ Alice

Thank you!


This the decision of this baby's parents and not the meddling relations. The baby will have a schedule because Kim and the baby aren't the ones performing or doin press and anyone voting to separate a family is just plain ignorant and as scared of world they live in. Many successful and global families make similar decisions for their families. Kourt need to mind her own and stop trying to sell pseudo Martha Stewart life on everyone else and Kim need to be her own woman and take a real chance for something other than her fame and pockets or shall I say kris jenner's

@ Lady's

i agree that her baby and she can do whatever she want to.

@ babygirl

She's a role model for young women and that's what she capitalizes on when she sells them her clothing and her TV show. That's why young girls show up to her appearances at malls in other countries that a lot of Americans don't know anything about. (Including myself)


very nice pic


Artists have taken their babies and families on the road before. This isn't a new concept. So, if she wants to do this she can. If anything, out of this whole pregnancy it's the least selfish thing I've heard from her. She's always been more concerned about her weight and her clothing style. I've yet to hear her say anything positive. I'm sure they'll set up base in the swankiest hotels. I just hope that once the baby is born, both her and Kanye will change for the better and give up the narcissistic behavior. Compared to other expectant celeb parents, have never seen such a circus. Not putting them down, just not a healthy start to a baby's life. So, maybe going on tour might bring a family environment.


Well Kim is a bigger star than Kourtney so that makes Kim right, period end of argument. Long live Kim K....

@ All+

wrong view & attitude


She can learn the hard way, she'll be sorry because instead of staying home and taking care of her self for the 40 days after giving birth, she is going to stay fat and big, call me old fashioned, but it's true. And the baby is prone to more illnesses.

@ M

true, true, true.....

@ meg

She's not leaving right after she gives birth. Stop twisting shit around. The tour isn't till end of October. Baby will be 4months by then and her sister Kourtney did it with both babies.

@ M

true that

@ M

Well-said!! THANK YOU! (Here's where you pat yourself on the back)! #Truth


not concerned with kimmies schedule but i can tell you that these girls are heading for a real squabble. AINT GONNA BE PRETTY


Guess she afraid of losing that DB so will put her baby in jeopardy to keep him. Sad!

@ Spare+me

could b right


Kim won't be taking care of the baby, the nannies will. It will be trotted out when they want it to be for photo ops and even spontaneous ones will be planned.
That baby is to young to be jetsetting around the world, with or without a nanny. You have to have shots to travel to a lot of different countries, they probably won't even give them to a baby that young. Risking it's health is horrible parenting. The best thing Kimmy Kakes could do is give the baby up for adoption, outside of the family, and set it up so that she and 'ye could never know who has it.

@ Ruth Steiner

i dont believe she should give up her baby @ all! she just needs to realize her responsibilities & that is taking care of her own baby & not every 1 else & wait for her husband to come home!!