Kobe Bryant on Jason Collins Coming Out: We Have to Support Him

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Earlier this week, Jason Collins came out as gay, making him the first openly homosexual active player in a major American sport.

And the outpour of support just keeps on coming!

Kobe Bryant is the Collins' latest peer to stand behind the Wizards Center.

Jason Collins Balling
Kobe Bryant Photograph

When the story first broke, Bryant tweeted "Proud of @jasoncollins34. Don't suffocate who u r because of the ignorance of others."

Now, he's toldĀ E! that "The biggest key is for everybody to be comfortable being themselves."

The Laker added "As his peers we have to support him, just rally around him."


Jason Collins has shown such courage - he is an inspiration to us all. I hope that the support of fans and others overwhelms the negative stuff he will no doubt be subjected to.


...............america is built on F*GGOTS, folks?

Jean jacques burlamaqui

Homosexuality is not deserving of the approbation of man. We can not overlook condemning those, who, through their own bad use of their faculties, are vicious to the good and perfection of the human system.

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