Kim Kardashian Worries: Is Kanye West Gay?!?

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Best. Tabloid. Story. Ever.

According to the latest issue of In Touch Weekly, Kim Kardashian has something to worry about aside from her growing weight and the possibility that she is being used for her womb.


Kanye West: Gay?!?

Freeing itself from libel, the magazine quotes "some online commenters" as speculating that West is in a "romantic relationship" with Riccardo Tisci, the creative director of the company that designed Kim's dress for this year's MET Gala.

“There are some facts Kim can’t deny,” a source tells In Touch. “Kanye has spent her entire pregnancy living close to Riccardo in the French capita... and Riccardo recently purchased an apartment less than half a mile from Kanye’s in NYC’s Soho neighborhood.”

There it is! Convincing proof!

The tabloid adds that Kanye is "obsessed with Riccardo" and the two spend a lot of time inside Kanye's apartment... if you know what this made-up report means!

“Kim freaked out," a totally real friend says in the article. "If it turns out Kanye is involved with Riccardo, she will be utterly embarrassed - more so than she’s ever been in her life.”

Hear that, Kris Humphries? You may soon be bumped to number-two!


Oh good lord what rumors are circulating. Not sure if he could produce an heir if he was gay and supposedly been in love with her forever. Who in the world is responsible for circulating this rumor. If he is, which i doubt, the laugh is on her. Pay backs are a bitch


I agree with sue......the make up stories and photoshop mom even tell the pucs are photoshopped.its disgusting.i NEVER have bought this garbage magazine in a while.


He is, don't like to judge, but I truly believe Kanye is living a lie. Poor Kim can't win.I hope him and his lover aren't going to try and take the baby. Boy which wht onei going one is going to be father?


No Kimmode, you're just a fat lying gypsy

@ abe

Can you be a bigger ass than you already are? And second, must you comment on everything that appears on here? Get a grip and get a fucking life you loser!


OMG... What else will she come up with to get her face and ass in a magazine, on the gossip news and talked about?? Narcissism at it's finest, right here! Get over yourself Kim, he was probably straight before he had sex with you... WHO CARES?!?!


No shit he's gay! And for as cum dumpster she has no shame Just a cheap fame whore

@ kim+k+is+a+cum+dumpster

You would know, it takes a Cum Dumpster to know a Cum Dumpster doesn't it?


What would she care, as long as they are both black she'd probably film it for the money.............

@ sandy

Uh...Sandy, did ya see the picture?!


I don't know how In Touch keeps from getting sued every single week.


I tried to refrain from commenting on this cuz this is an old rumor but the outcome of Kims dress designed by Riccardo left me wondering was he scorned because he was pregnant cuz if Riccardo is close with Anna Wintour and knows how she is then he knew that dress would piss her off. The article on Anna Wintours page talking about cropping Kim out of the picture was weird as they said that Kanye was Kims "sperm doner". I looked at that as a subliminal message to Kim cuz these people know a side of Kanye that Kim doesn't know and they do have respect for Kanye so why do they look at is as Kanye just being a sperm doner and not even a "baby daddy". Also the article said that Riccardo played a part in cropping Kim out the picture but yet in other articles Riccardo said how beautiful the gown was. Something is up don't what, We all know people can say one thing and their actions speak louder.

@ jules

That MET Gala fiasco was just shade in the most obvious form, this is why you never get your side bitch to do a favor for your main bitch. Kim fell for it because she is too desperate to fit into that elite circle that believes she is a joke. You can tell she wasn't wanted there.

@ jules

I normally don't connect the dots unless there's reason to....well here's more than enough reason too! I agree with you, something is definitely up!


he might not be gay but possibly bi-sexual, otherwise he wouldnt have done KIM! geezz get the lies right!

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