Kim Kardashian Screams at Paparazzi: Shut the Effin Door!

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She may have invited them into her life at one point, but Kim Kardashian has had it with the paparazzi.

Yesterday, after arriving at LAX, the pregnant reality star was surrounded and hounded by these supposed journalist.

Covering her face, Kim just made it to her car... where photographer had opened a door in order to snap more pictures when she yelled: "Shut the f*cking door, you idiots!"

Watch the craziness unfold here:

Earlier this month, Kanye West walked into a pole due to the paparazzi and Kim nearly got into a car crash.

Sound off now: Do you think the paparazzi should leave Kardashian alone?


Boo Hoo to the attention starved self-absorbed Kartrashian. Her and the family most likely set this crap up. This is how they roll!! Looking for more viewer for the sinking ship awful show!


So Dramatic Queen Diva "Kim"!!!!! Perhap's that you don't have a clue, that you for you to be famous is this paparazzi following yar ass!! You pro'lly call them and made sure to be surprised by them !! You have a contract with this paparazzi! They take your photos, sell em and you get some percentage! lol


Oh PLEASE! Kim would be no where without those "idiots". Nice duck lips, moron.

Lea ashlay

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Wendy Williams on her show talked about the fact that Kim might want to start thinking about getting an outside manager and let Kris just be her mom cuz alot of these camera men are called by Kris and not Kim just like I just read Kim did a photoshoot in Paris recently. if she had an outside manager more respect to what Kim wants instead of it being what is good for the family would be granted to Kim. Kim is 32 at some point her needs and wants will change towards the cameras but right now I believe Kris wants the cameras more than Kim. I do believe Kim wants to respect Kanyes privacy but Kris Does not care and she will send those cameras any where they are

@ jules

I have to agree with you 100%. The one thing I noticed about her mom's face was a bit of disappointment that Kim angered the paps.Kim needs to disconnect professionally from her family. She's got them this far-ENOUGH! When I saw some of her mom's keeks from Paris, I was embarrassed for Kim.She's like that "ugly" American. If I were Kim I wouldn't introduce her to many of the people that Kanye is friends with(Lagerfeld, Balmain, Riccardo Tisci, etc.). She has no shame and will drag the rest of her kids and abuse the privilege of meeting these people. Kendall is going nowhere with modelling and now contacts are made and will be abused.This woman has no boundaries, it's disgusting.


Reality is Kim you are pap famous. Your bread and butter comes from these people following you. Not only has it made her famous but she basks in being " followed " and " idolized ". Privacy please. Lets talk privacy. Nobody other than my partner knows how I make love. Kim I know how you do oral and make nasty. Your entire life is filmed. We know about your psoriasis and seen you marry for ratings. Poor Kim. Ever heard of personal buisness? I love privacy but Kim needs none its her bread and butter.


She's not even a real celebrity she makes money by just being photographed and if she's wearing tight a** dresses n high heels during pregnancy she's obviously trying to get photographed she's greedy an that's what she gets


I understand she's famous and she knew how it was being famous, But I bet it's a lot worse than you think it is. Them literally following you everywhere and documenting every little thing you say in anger must suck. I feel bad for Kim. She's pregnant! She doesn't need extra stress on top of the stress she already has. At the end of the day, It doesn't matter that Kim is "famous" She deserves privacy and to relax these last months of pregnancy! Not to be attacked verbally and physically by these lame paps that need a real job and to stop being so pushy and rude!


Geez, I believe that celebrities have a right to privacy. The paz are way too close to her, which they are required to stay a certain amount of feet away from them. There have been more deaths because of the stupid paz.


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